Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Germany's Worst DJ Ever!

Oh those crazy Germans. So I love the fact that their musical tastes here are a bit cheesier on this side of the Atlantic (with all that Eurodance stuff they love and all the great cheesy boybands) but I still had to laugh when the DJ at the wedding I was at this weekend in a small spa resort town of Bad Kissingen (super cute town filled with tons of old tourists, like the Florida of Germany), started to play the Numa Numa song.

Like the DJ from Love Actually, he was gunning for worst DJ ever.

If you don't know the Numa Numa song, there was that viral video of the guy singing it that made it famous and all I could picture was the video of that guy singing when the DJ played that song (after the jump)

As another sign of the apocalypse, I noticed a German version of Laguna Beach was playing here on TV.

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