Monday, July 07, 2008

The CW 2008-2009 Video Previews

I've sort of sat on this for a while and everybody's probably already seen it but I didn't really have time to post this properly before, but figure now that we are into summer re-runs, summer reality and I don't have as much to post about, it's time to start reeling out the previews for the Fall now that it's all getting closer.

So while I've already done Video Previews for CBS and FOX, I'll start to finish off the rest. Not that there's much since The CW really only has 2 new shows (I'm not counting reality show Stylista even though I have a clip below), ABC has only 2 new shows (The Goode Family and Life on Mars which is apparently being totally revamped anyways, and again, I'm not counting reality show Opprotunity Knocks)

Surviving the Filthy Rich UPDATE: Now renamed Privileged (what a dumb change) - Because RIna Mimoun is behind this show (she of the ever brilliant Everwood, Gilmore Girls and Pushing Daisies so there's hope yet. Plus it stars Joanna Garcia who I adored in Reba and Michael Cassidy who I just adore (from The OC). Plus the pilot was directed by someone who did 30 Rock. Interesting mix of people on THIS network especially. I just wish the 2 flithy rich girls (one played by the annoying Lucy Hale from Bionic Woman) and Joanna Garcia didn't all look so similar.:

Here's the trailer:

Here are 4 preview clips edited together:

90210 - It now stars Shenae Grimes (from Degrassi: TNG) so I'll have to check it out. I'm excited about Jessica Walter (Arrested Development) is in it but until then, I couldn't really care, but you know I'll end up watching anyways. I was never actually a huge fan of the original so I'm on a wait and see with this re-hash.

Here's the video preview:

Stylista - A new reality show where budding fashionistas get a chance to "work" for Anne Slowey of Elle Magazine. So The Devil Wears Prada: the reality show. The trailer makes me want to hurl like a model. And not to lose weight. Not JUST to lose weight. I'm sort of sick and tired of people being rewarded for being total power hungry bitches (Anne) or seeking to be power hungry bitches (the contestants).

Here's the trailer that will make you anorexic, so I guess it does do its job in promoting the modeling and fashion industry:

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