Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Architecture School Payoff

Damnit, someone beat me to my idea.

I knew we were televisionworthy. There is SOOOO much drama in the Architecture School Studio, you have NO IDEA! The backstabbing, the competition, the all-nighters craziness, the ideas flying around, the rivalries, the hookups! It's a soap opera!

Sundance Channel is airing a reality show/documentary called Architecture School starting Aug. 20th following the architecture students at New Orleans' Tulane University as they work on a competition project to design low cost housing for the Hurricane Katrina rebuild efforts.

In case you're a new reader or didn't know, I went to Architecture school and got my Masters in it, even though I don't really work in the field (yes yes I can hear my mom nagging about a wasted degree already...) anymore (similar but not Architecture).

Anyways, I'm still here on my last day in Europe and I was just in The Netherlands earlier this week where I think they have some really great progressive architects (I always said if I worked back in the field, I'd go there to work) so here's a few shots of newer stuff in Amsterdam and Rotterdam taken by my friend working at OMA (Rem Koolhaus' firm). Uh, I'd tell you what they are but I'm out of the loop now so I forget already, I'll try to add in details when I get back.


Anonymous said...

the pics look like Borneo Sporenburg... A dense housing development -- some of it mixed income housing.

The Sundance show is about a design/build program, so the kids actually build the winning house as well.

PeasPpl said...

Go Green Waves! Yay Tulane.

Why did you decide architecture was not for you, V? Just curious.

I anxiously await your SYTYCD recap, bc I missed it.

Esther said...

Hey Vance,
I hope you're enjoying Europe! I was in Amsterdam once. I loved the museums. Unfortunately, no one offered me the keys to their apartment. ;-)

It'll be interesting to hear what you think of this show.

Vance said...

I still love architecture and miss it and at times I wonder if I should go back but I think enough friends have scared me with their work stories, ha! So I figure might as well keep my positive view of the field before I get all jaded.

Plus, I wanted to try the field Im in and see if it works out and its been going pretty well for now, and I love it just as much.

Still, when I see a great building, I do get a little jealous.