Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Damn Yankees vs. [title of show]

Both Damn Yankees and [title of show] opens this weekend, Saturday July 5th (finally!) in New York. That's got to be a bit awkward no? With Cheyenne Jackson (in Damn Yankees) always being thrown out of the the [title of show] show no? (GET OUTTA HERE CHEY-YENNE JACKSON...). Okay, I guess it was a puppet that threw him out and not actually Jeff or Hunter but still... AWWWWWWKWARD!

Damn Yankees opens this Saturday July 5th at the New York City Center for their Summer Stars Series (which begat the current Broadway production of Gypsy in last years version) which runs until July 27th 2008 (and I'm guessing with no room for extension since Jane Krakowski will have to return to 30 Rock and Cheyenne Jackson will return to Xanadu).

Look how cute this cast looks? (L-R: Randy Graff, Cheyenne Jackson, 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski, Sean Hayes) Look how beautiful they are. I'm so excited to see this! (More photos below after the jump)

[title of show] opens at the Lyceum Theatre for previews starting this Saturday after their long and exciting journey through the Fringe Festivals, Off-Broadway run, the [title of show] show on youtube, and making friends/out with everyone on Broadway (is there anybody who hasn't made a cameo? Who doesn't like these folks?)! It's FINALLY HERE! ON BROADWAY!

Look how cute this cast looks? (Clockwise from Left: Jeff Bowen, Hunter Bell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Susan Blackwell) Look how beautiful they are. I'm so excited to see this!

So let the battle begin! Or you know, just go see both!

Love Debra Messing and Eric McCormack but the picture above would make an interesting re-make of Will & Grace that I would definitely want to watch.

In case you never caught this video, here's the [tos] folks after the Tony Awards when they interviewed all the Broadway stars at the parties

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mB said...

I am so excited for Damn Yankees it's not even funny :D