Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crushworthy - Mamma Mia It's Dominic Cooper!

A few weeks back a few of the other bloggers were all fawning/fighting over Dominic Cooper, but I'm here to remind all you bitches that I SAW HIM FIRST.

Okay maybe not first since I didn't see him in his stage debut of Mother Clapp's Molly House nor did I see the stage version of His Dark Materials at the National Theatre (even though I tried to) but whatever. I called out that he would be big back in The History Boys days. The PLAY! Not even the subsequent film version! So Dibs!

Plus he's more my age so we'd get along swell. (I can't believe that though, I thought he was MUCH younger since he kinda looks 18).

Anyways, I'm staking my claim before Mamma Mia opens tomorrow (against the other juggernaut The Dark Knight which itself is full of many other crushworthy people and I'm equally excited about) and all you bitches start pawing on my Dominic. Keep. Your. Hands. Off!

He will also appear against Keira Knightley in The Duchess later this year (which also stars Ralph Fiennes).

Anyways, more pictures after the jump and the short clip of "Lay Your Love For Me" with Lily Kane Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper (though I'm curious and slightly creeped out by all those swimmers swimming towards them) after the jump below:

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Pretty Little Crazy Gal said...

hay i'm a blogger to, and i just saw history boys (love it) and i decied to look up Dominic copper and i found your thing. I Had no idea that he was in mama mia untill i saw a picture. he is reall great.