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So You Think You Can Dance - You Said What You Came To, Now Leave

Top 14 Results - The Cut From 14 to 12

It's me Linz again, coming to you while Vance is away. Don't worry, he'll be back soon. In the meantime, you are stuck with me for your SYTYDC fix (on this site anyway).

For starters, I am really missing Shane Sparks. His absence is getting more noticeable as the weeks go on (and we get more and more Cicely & Olisa).

Top 14 Group Performance - Choreographed by Tyce Diorio
Song: "Money Money" - Cabaret

Here's the video clip:

While this routine was in the bawdy style of Cabaret, had some sassy costumes, and was somewhat enjoyable to watch, I found myself frustrated by the camera cuts and wondering who in the world is directing this show. I realize this is a live show, but whoever decides on the camera movements and cuts does NOT have any knowledge of dance or what would be required for the viewer to be able to see what is really going on. I noticed this last season and it is just getting worse. Argh!!

So my bottom three predictions were:
Comfort & Thayne
Kourtni & Matt
Courtney & Gev

So the bottom 3 teams were:
Kourtni & Matt
Courtney & Gev
Comfort & Thayne

The audience seems to be especially amped up tonight. Not sure what has taken place off camera, but it is fueling a lot of extra screaming by the audience. Even Cat seems to have upped her cheeky level.

In doing some of my really fancy online research, I have discovered that Thayne performed in High School Musical and HSM 2. Gev was in HSM 2, as well.

Now for our guest dancer, from the LA auditions, popper Robert Muraine. I really wish that he had not quit in Las Vegas, but I think he just knew he didn't have it in him to do other styles of dance. And clearly, it isn't a problem for him (or for me) that he is a one trick pony. When your one trick is so good, you don't need something else. Boy can move!

Here's the video:

Time to dance for their lives!:

Kourtni Lind - Solo Dance
Song: "No Man" - Nina Storey

I liked this solo more than I liked hers last week. But it still isn't enough to really move me.
Here's the video:

Grade: B

Matt Dorame - Solo Dance
Song: "Sweet Contentment" - Bradley James and the Roadies

I enjoy Matt's solos. It seems to be the only time he feels comfortable on stage and the only time that he loosens up. We get to see his dance skills, but also his emotions.
Here's the video:

Grade: B+

Courtney Galiano- Solo Dance
Song: "What's Another Day" - Maria Mena

Courtney is pretty to watch when she dances in her own style, and she certainly has a good stage presence, but I am not sure she is original enough.
Here's the video:

Grade: B+

Gev Manoukian - Solo Dance
Song: "Everybody Loves a Carnival" - Fatboy Slim

Gev seems to understand the best of all these contestants what it means to dance for your lives. This was a good performance and my husband I agreed that they can not possibly send him home after that.
Here's the video:

Grade: A

Here is the video of Kourtni, Matt, Courtney & Gev:

Comfort Fedoke - Solo Dance
Song: "Hit the Floor" - Twista feat. Pit Bull

Comfort has danced for her life several times, and this was her best, in my opinion. I kind of feel like she doesn't always give her solos all she's got. This was more of an effort.

Grade: B+

Thayne Jasperson - Solo Dance
Song: "I Want to Break Free" - Queen

This was a fun solo. Not sure how it stacks up against the other contemporary dancer here, Matt. Thayne looks like a happy guy, though, and I like that.

Grade: B+

Here is the video of Comfort and Thayne:

I apologize that the video of these dances was clumped together in just a couple of videos. I know it makes for longer viewing time. I just haven't figured out the video cutting on my own!

Our musical guest tonight is One Republic singing "Say (All I Need)" and it was good to see them back on the show after last year's performance of "Apologize" (before Timbaland got his hands on it). The performance was alright.

Now for the eliminations.

Nigel first goes on and on that the decision was tough and that the judges were not unanimous on their decision. Courtney is saved right off. While Nigel didn't think Comfort's solo warranted her staying, the other judges voted to keep her around. So Kourtni is the one eliminated.

They loved Gev's solo and he is sent on to safety. The decision was unanimous. The judges agreed that Matt has not had any growth and that he is sent home.

So long Kourtni...

So long Matt...

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