Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yay Love Reject! You Go Girl Boy!

Oh Yey! Maybe I'll actually watch The Bachelor this time around.

I was shocked even when I KNEW DeAnna wasn't going to pick the absolutely hot/lovely/handsome/gentlemanly Jason Mesnick and it was absolutely heartbreaking watching his reaction to the rejection.

I've never been a fan of The Bachelor with the women vying for the man (I prefer the other way around) but I LOVE Jason so maybe I'll check him out when he becomes the new bachelor in January 2009. (At least they are back to using the rejects as the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. I usually find those ones the most interesting, and hey, it seemed to work for Trista and DeAnna and Bob Guirney seemed to do have parlayed it into a TV career). Jason actually seems to go in with his heart so I'm not going to be cynical about this, and again, Trista and DeAnna weren't and made for great seasons. And what's so bad about watching love bloom?

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