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Promises Promises for the New Year - The Bachelor, Gossip Girl and More

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com:

I'm pooped from the holidays and while I really need/want to catch up at the movies (and I'm postponing my Best of Movies 2008 list until I see a few more films), I really need a night at home and get back to my beloved TV! I didn't even realize ABC burned off a new Eli Stone last week and NBC burned off another Lipstick Jungle but now ALL the craziness begins as tons of shows return over the next few weeks and a bunch of new ones start (see my updated Tapeworthy sidebar for the list). So much to look forward to!

In the meantime, I'm in the mood for something trashy. Oh look! The ABC Monday lineup! (Plus I REALLY would have rather watched the smarter than you think The Secret Life of The American Teenager but I don't get ABCFamily and here in Canada, it's on the same network as The Bachelor and True Beauty and pushed to another timeslot) I should be mad at ABC for canceling Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone but I'm too braindead right now to argue. (On a side note, would it not be great for Scrubs to do well on ABC (Tuesdays at 9pm) as a big F YOU to NBC?)

The Bachelor - Jason Mesnick - Ep. 1301 - Season Premiere

Yes, I'm watching for now because I too, like Jason, and the rest of America (and by America I mean the few remaining women, gay men, and their respective boyfriends who were dragged into watching, who were still watching the last in this show's series The Bachelorette) was devastated when DeAnna didn't pick him. Man. that was HARSH. Now I just picture myself in place of all the 25 girls right now standing across from Jason Mesnick as he hands me a rose...


Anyways, sorry but I can't tell any of the 25 ladies apart cause they all look the same to me. Not cause they are all white women. Just cause they are women. Which is why I usually never stick around for The Bachelor. It's not like there are 25 hunky men doing idiotic things to woo a girl? THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! But I still do like seeing a rejected bachelor get their chance to move on.

Because you KNOW DeAnna made a mistake (how long DID she last with whatshisface?)... and OMG apparently from the preview clips of the season ahead, she WILL return!

Damnit, you know I'll have to watch until she returns. Damn. So much for my new years resolution.

Brothers & Sisters - A Father Dreams - Ep. 311

Kevin is recovering from the surgery that helped out Elizabeth and now Nora and Scotty are fighting over how to take care of him (very cute and funny) and Kevin is having weird dreams like this:

Is this payback for Balthazar Getty sleeping with Sienna Miller, Kevin's Matthew Rhys' ex?

More on Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, True Beauty:

Gossip Girl - In the Realm of Basses - Ep. 214

Boy they don't waste anytime with re-correcting mistakes and got rid of Aaron Rose with a whiff of a single line from Serena. Nice! I knew despite the flaws, I loved this show!

In more shocking news, the "kids" are actually seen going to school! Wow. Who knew!? I thought they just all went from night soiree to night soiree drinking the latest martini and fashioning the best fashions the rich can buy (or at least the lead costume designer). Jenny and Eric try to save Nelly (oh look, the Asian is back too! Two notes of actual realism in one episode? It's beginning to be too much to bear!) from the mean girls. Things become truly heated in a fro-yo kinda tart and soury kinda way. Nothing really changes (though too bad because Jenny needs another new look).

Uncle Jack Bass (the so bland that he's hot in that Adam Levine kinda way Desmond Harrington who won points for being on the very funny but barely seen Sons & Daughters) becomes the new parental in Chuck's life as Chuck is brought back to school (wait, Chuck goes to SCHOOL?) and Blair continues trying to save him as Chuck falls deeper into his funk. Meanwhile, Dan is back with Serena, much to Rufus' dismay. Rufus searches for his unknown kid. Dan finds out.

Oh, and Dorota still rocks!

Desperate Housewives - Home is the Place - Ep. 511

For such a gayishly soapy and sarcastic show, it sure took a long time for Desperate Housewives to embrace actual gay storylines. But Susan is finally hanging with the gays! Yay! Susan should always hang with the gays, and then have Eva Longoria's Gaby hang out after to laugh at Susan for possibly sleeping with Lee because Lee loves the stubble. THAT was hilarious! Longoria's laugh alone deserves an Emmy.

True Beauty - Ep. 101 - Series Premiere

I know. I'm such a hypocrite. Whatever dude, I want to watch pretty people AND laugh at them too. What's wrong with that? And if America's Most Smartest Model and Beauty and the Geek be brilliant, why can't True Beauty?

Although they really aren't that pretty actually (Chelsea Bush is particularly heinous) and I was hoping for more models. More models means more selections to look at and more humiliating eliminations. (Then again, that just then prolongs the show).

But oh man, even better than the actual elimination and reveal of the secret twist to the show, is when the cleaners take the portrait of the eliminated contestant into the garbage bin. THAT was hilarious and a nice touch! Bravo Ashton Kutcher.

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