Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crushworthy - Caitlin Crosby's Mantourage Includes Robert Hoffman

I have no idea who this Caitlin Crosby chick is and her song "I Still Have My Heart" is cute but I don't know if I love it or anything, but the video has some of my favorite future-ex-husbands in them including Zachary Levi (Chuck), Robert Hoffman (She's the Man, Step Up 2), Ryan Hansen (Party Down, Veronica Mars), Jesse Spencer (House) and Albert Reed (that hot model dude who did Dancing with the Stars a few years back).

Seriously, the bits with Hoffman and Hansen are hysterical!

Here's some behind the scenes clips including more of Robert Hoffman doing whatever the hell he's doing. Seriously, the guy needs to do ANOTHER dance movie to show off his skills. Step Up 2 was good but not enough!

Here's a really weird creepy video of Robert Hoffman falling in love... with himself. Then again, if I were Robert Hoffman, I would fall in love with myself too. (May NSFW near the end because of the nice bum shot!)

I must have talked about how much I love She's the Man and everyone in it (including Channing Tatum, James Snyder (Cry Baby, Bare The Album) and of course, Amanda Bynes herself) but seriously, LOVE Robert Hoffman!

Soon to be seen in Ashley Tisdale's They Came From Upstairs and We Got The Beat with Hansen in a movie about the first ever boyband. OMG.

More of his videos here. He's kind of an ass with his pranks and stuff but it's kinda funny too. And hey, he does call himself punchrobert. It helps that he can actually dance so he kinda gets away with it all. (more videos below)


If there was any doubt:

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com


Jennifer said...

Never heard of this either and it's not my really my kind of music but the video was definitely entertaining! How did she get all of them in it??

Did you see Robert Hoffman in Greek this week as Evan's brother? There was something bad going on with his hair...which I guess was appropriate for the role but I almost didn't recognize him!

Vance said...


No, haven't caught up yet. I'm always a few days behind on that cause we don't get it here.


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