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American Idol - I Smell A Rat And His Name Is Simon

American Idol - Top 5 - Performance Night - Theme: The Rat Pack, Guest Mentor: Jamie Foxx

It's Rat Pack week. Time for the standards! Though really it could also have been called musical week since all the standards were originally from musicals. Just saying.

I sort of thought the Jamie Foxx mentorship was a bit dubious at first but he actually proved pretty great. Plus, he said would make an album with Kris Allen right now. So you know he's got taste!

Meanwhile, I'm still smelling a rat amongst the judges and the way the judges (and particularly Simon) are responding. I mean, can they make it more obvious with the way they are pushing the original plan to happen? Plus the producers are pimping out the "favs" Danny and Adam again in the final two spots. Seriously, maybe it would be more convincing if the judges actually looked like they were watching the performances.

Kris Allen
23 years old
Home: Conway, AR
Audition: Louisville, KY
Song: "The Way You Look Tonight" (by Dorothy Fields and Jerome Kern, for the musical film Swing Time, later made famous by Frank Sinatra)

Grade: A-

That was perfect wedding music... MY WEDDING MUSIC when I marry Kris Allen (I need to start some nasty rumour so that his wife divorces him so that we can finally be together and he can sing to me at the reception). I'd comment more on his performance but I was already imagining everything about our big day. I've even started to pick out the china patterns. Simon wasn't feeling it. WTF? Conspiracy anybody?

Allison Iraheta
16 years old
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Audition: San Francisco, CA
Song: "Someone to Watch Over Me" (by George and Ira Gershwin for the musical Oh Kay!)

Grade: A-

Allison smothers her gruff and rough voice around this standard and it sounded GREAT! And Simon wasn't feeling it. WTF? Conspiracy anybody? Seriously, what does the girl have to do to get some respect?

Matt Giraud
23 years old
Home: Kalamazoo, MI
Audition: Louisville, KY
Song: "My Funny Valentine" (by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart for the musical Babes In Arms, later made famous by Chet Baker)

Grade: B

I liked it a lot more than I usually like Matt, but as the judges Kara and Randy pointed it out, it still somehow felt empty and hollow. Meanwhile, Simon and Paula loved it. Simon really appreciated it. WTF?

Danny Gokey
28 years old
Home: Milwaukee, WI
Audition: Kansas City, MO
Song: "Come Rain or Come Shine" (by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer for the musical St. Louis Woman)

Grade: B+

As much as I hate him, I thought it was pretty good, at least until he had to start his whole yelling schtick at the end again. Funny that THAT somehow equates to singing, according to Randy. And... Simon LOVED IT. LOVED IT. WTF? It was REALLY good. I'll give Danny that. Better than a lot of his overpraised weeks during the Top 13, and he's made a sort of resurgence since last week, but this was OVERPRAISE for a fine performance that is a way too obvious way to cement his spot in the Top 3.

Adam Lambert
26 years old
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Audition: San Francisco, CA
Song: "Feeling Good" (by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint—the Smell of the Crowd, most recently made famous by Michael Bublé)

Grade: B-

People are going to LOVE this performance. I did NOT. In fact, I liked Danny's more and I usually prefer Adam over Danny by miles. I'll agree with Simon that it was a great entrance but the judges looked horrified, and then had to lie through their teeth with praise to keep the frontrunner going. I was fascinated with what he did at first, but the the screeching came back and any hope that I could appreciate went

The Final Round Up:

Best of the Night: Tie: Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen
Third Best of the Night: Danny Gokey

Worst of the Night: Adam Lambert
Second Worst of the Night: Matt Giraud

Bottom Three Predictions: Allison Iraheta, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen (I'm scared y'all. I'm scared)

Going Home: Allison Iraheta
Should Be Going home: Matt Giraud

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