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Reality Redux - The Amazing Race, Survivor, Project Runway Canada, American Idol

There seems to be a lot of second chances going around reality TV these days. I'm not sure how I feel about all that. Kinda puts an

The Amazing Race - Rooting Around in People's Mouths Could Be Unpleasant - Ep. 1408

Oh sure, a week after Mel and Mike were eliminated on a round I was SURE would be a non-elimination round, NOW there's a non-elimination round which saves Mark and Michael. WRONG MIKE. UGH. Not that I hate Mark and Michael but I wanted Mel and Mike to stay around a lot longer. Oh well, considering how far behind Mark and Michael are now with their penalty, AND the extra challenge they're going to have to do, I'm sure we will soon say goodbye to them.

Alas, I'm just waiting to see the "bitch" comment fallout with Luke.

Survivor: Tocantins - The First Fifteen Days, One of Those Coach Moments, The Dragon Slaye - Eps. 1806-1808

They finally merge and then get a reprieve from Tribal Council. Whew for them. Sucks for Joe (who was taken away for medical purposes). Still, I'm waiting for the real action to begin now that the sort of secret cross-tribal alliance are now together. I've felt before the merge, it came down to just surviving until the merge and losing some of the loose ends (seriously, I can barely remember who already got kicked off). Let's hope tonight gets more exciting, since it seems since the pointless recap episode (where about the only new and interesting thing we learned is that Stephen and Brendan like to cuddle on Exile), it's been calm, let's hope before a new storm.

At this point, I don't really know who to root for anymore. Well, besides Brendan of course. Well, I don't really care if he wins, as so much as I want him to marry me. Although if he does marry me, it would be nice if he had the million dollars. Am I asking for too much?

I like JT but boy better not make a boneheaded move, and I'm afraid he just might soon. Plus stop talking to Coach. If only for Coach's icky factor. I still like Taj but half the time I think it's just because she lucked out and teamed up with Brendan.

Also, because I'm shallow, is Stephen's body WAY hotter than you would have thought he would be?

More on Project Runway Canada, American Idol (Spoilers for those that haven't watched):

Project Runway Canada - The Final 3 Recap, Toronto Fashion Week - Eps. 211-212 - Season Finale

I love Iman. She makes this show. LOVE HER! Her presence has definitely kept this second season interesting because lets face it, it was the most predictable season of the show ever. Because Sunny just rocked it from the start. So if he didn't win, it would be a joke. And if he did, it would have been pretty much expected all season long.

Seriously, Sunny was heads above the rest and never faltered any week. Jessica did well, and it was so great to see her really come into her own but Sonny had been consistent right from the start.

Meanwhile, while I do think Jason has lots of talent, he still needs to hone in his imagination and figure himself out, cause boy is inconsistent. Plus, the fact that he was kicked off, then brought back in a save, makes his final 3 appearance in Toronto's Fashion Week a little bit of a sham. It should have been Adejoke. Jason's collection was decent though I am surprised at how badly he got criticized by the judges.

But alas, it doesn't really matter since the winner had to be Sunny. Who finally (and deservedly) got a second chance at Fashion Week.

American Idol - Top 7 - Results Night - The Cut from 7 to 6 (Or Not)

So they used the save on Matt huh? You know what this means? More people actually voted for Lil than Matt. Who ARE they? And WHY?

On the other hand, she's one of my pool picks so more points for me!

This also means next week could be a bloodbath, knowing America's inconsistent voting patterns. Since Allison was safe this week (whew!) and Anoop and Lil were bottom 3 still, whatever fans they may have left might run to the phones. I hope everyone else realizes that you need to keep dialing for Allison and Kris.

Oh well, I was hoping they wouldn't ever use the save and now it just really prolongs Matt's eventual ouster.

Oh, also, with Miley performing. It proves anybody can be a star. ANYBODY. And with Jennifer Hudson performing proves, you don't have to win to be a true star. So really, anything goes.

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Zac Efron on MTV Tr3s tomorrow night at 9pm!

Ana said...

Zac Efron on MTV Tr3s tomorrow night at 9pm!