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American Idol - The Scripted Seven

American Idol - Top 7 - Performance Night - Theme: Movie Songs

Okay, before we get to this week's performances, I would like to apologize for my quick dismissal of Megan Joy Corkrey. While she did grow on me, I still think she stole Ricky Brady/Kristen McNamara/Felicia Barton/even Jesse Lanseth's spot. But in fact, I now take that back. Scott took their spot. Megan was just misunderstood. And because in some of her post-elimination interviews, (like on Idolatry) she actually comes off as quite lovely. Plus her performance on Ellen yesterday was actually pretty great. I actually wanted to hear it again.

Okay, so it's movie music week. Quentin Tarantino is the guest advisor. Eh, crazier things have happened on this show.

Allison Iraheta
16 years old
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Audition: San Francisco, CA
Song: "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" (by Diane Warren, made famous by Aerosmith in Armageddon)

Grade: B-

Well like the movie, that was a bit of a disaster, at least for Allison. LOVE LOVE LOVE her but I didn't love the performance. Of course, that means the judges LOVED it. I so want her to be in the Final 3 while the judges never seemed to conspire against that, yet this week, on probably her worst week yet, they are finally giving good comments. What the? I'll take it just to keep her safe. But I still didn't really care for it, though probably cause I never really cared for the song to begin with (though I did feel she was off on some notes, on top of her already scratching sounding voice).
Here's the video:

Anoop Desai
21 years old
Home: Chapel Hill, NC
Audition: Kansas City, MO
Song: "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" - (by Bryan Adams, Michael Kamen, Robert John "Mutt" Lange, made famous by Bryan Adams for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)

Grade: A

Boy, remember that movie? I just saw it on the shelves of a store the other day and forgot everything about the movie but I remembered LOVING it when it came out. I was in my Kevin Costner phase back then. He was dreamy to be back then.

And now, I'll probably say the same about Anoop, and then wonder what the hell was I thinking years from now.

My reaction to Anoop choosing this song made me groan and I thought it was going to be a disaster like Randy. And I'm actually glad Quentin Tarantino told him to rough it up. He didn't really but it turned out to be a GREAT rendition of a really hokey song and Anoop sounded GREAT!

Just when I thought Anoop was out of the running, he comes back with a perfectly swoonworthy performance that somehow avoided being totally sachrine and smarmy.
Here's the video:

Adam Lambert
26 years old
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Audition: San Francisco, CA
Song: "Born to be Wild" (by Mars Bonfire, made famous by Steppenwolf, as seen in Easy Rider)

Grade: A-

Finally he picks a song that can utilize his screaching properly. I still don't think I would want to buy his album but he puts on the perfect theatrics here and continues being audacious which is leading him straight to the inevitable winners circle.
Here's the video:

Matt Giraud
23 years old
Home: Kalamazoo, MI
Audition: Louisville, KY
Song: "Have You Really Ever Loved A Woman" (by Bryan Adams, Michael Kamen, Robert John "Mutt" Lange, made famous by Bryan Adams for Don Juan DeMarco)

Grade: C+

This is what I thought Anoop's performance would turn out like, and instead it's Matt who bored me with his schmaltzed up Bryan Adams song (I know, it's redundant). Who would have thought at the start of the competition that Anoop would have more "artistry" then Matt, who has so far never fully won me over. Here again, he shows he has enough chops, then disappoints when he doesn't fully live up to his own standards, and then in the process, bores me end up watching Megan's Ellen performance again on youtube. (Seriously, now that she's out, NOW I finally get her? Maybe I need to give Matt the same benefit of the doubt, if he survives next week).
Here's the video:

Danny Gokey
28 years old
Home: Milwaukee, WI
Audition: Kansas City, MO
Song: "Endless Love" (by Lionel Richie, made famous by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie for Endless Love)

Grade: A-

Like Anoop, I groaned when I heard Danny was singing this song. Yet like Anoop, it was shockingly good. Danny's vocals weren't as perfect as Anoop's (wait, did I actually just say that?) with a couple of off-key notes at the start, but the rest actually sounded pretty great. Plus, without the glasses, I want to punch him in the face just a little less. He's still douchey but now I just want to smack him, and then bounce my hand on his spiky hair. I know. Makes no sense. I'm weird and gay that way.
Here's the video:

Kris Allen
23 years old
Home: Conway, AR
Audition: Louisville, KY
Song: "Falling Slowly" (by Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová, for Once)

Grade: A-

First of all, the guy gets huge points for picking the coolest song of the bunch. For picking the most recent song of the bunch. For picking a song from a musical. From an indie movie. Seriously, this alone wins him HUGE credibility from me (I know, it doesn't take much for me, especially when you look like him).

Unfortunately, my TV or cable went funny and cracked midpoint during the song so I didn't hear his whole rendition perfectly but I'm assuming it was awesome based on the sections I heard. Randy hated it. Kara loved it. Which brings me to another debate this season. Most people have been hating on Kara (okay, she does say "package artist" and "artistry" a little too much) but generally I like what she has to say. What has Randy done for us lately?

Okay, I'll watch it again on the video here:

Okay, so a little shaky at the start and on the lower notes but once he gets into the main section, it sounded great. Still love him and still the most likely person I would actually buy an album from.

Lil Rounds
23 years old
Home: Memphis, TN
Audition: Kansas City, MO
Song: "The Rose" (by Amanda McBroom, made famous by Bette Midler for The Rose)

Grade: C

Lil is really after the big diva's isn't she? She's already ruined Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, now Bette Midler. Anytime she went down on her notes, it sounded scary wrong. It wasn't as shaky as some recent weeks but it was nowhere near what it should have been.
Here's the video:

The Final Round Up:

Best of the Night: Anoop Desai
Second Best of the Night: Adam Lambert
Third Best of the Night: Kris Allen
Fourth Best of the Night: Danny Gokey

At this point, we all know Adam Lambert is going to win. Matt and Lil have no chance anymore after never living up to their early hopes. And if it were up to me, Kris and Allison would be in the final 3 (or final 2 even!). And I almost wrote off Anoop but he may just fight long enough to knock some favorites out (though he will never win). And Danny? I know the show wants him in the final 2 and seems to be doing everything possible to make that happen (well, until this week at least). I'm still hoping Kris is doing the slow build that Kelly Clarkson did to finally beat early frontrunner Justin Guarini (remember him? I barely do either). But maybe the judges have picked up on our criticisms that they seem to be unnecessarily pushing undeserving or overrated contestants (Lil, Danny, Adam, oddly, my three pool picks which is still keeping me up near the top of the list at least), while never fully accepting the awesomeness of Allison or Kris, but of all weeks, they seemed to shake things up a little this week (even though I STILL didn't always agree with the judges assessments). Oh well, at least they aren't SO obvious about it now.

Worst of the Night: Lil Rounds
Second Worst of the Night: Matt Giraud

Bottom Three Predictions: Allison Irahetta, Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds

Going Home: So I've predicted Lil Rounds 2 weeks in a row already so I'm SURE I'll get it right this week, right? Wait, but I think Matt might be in grave danger. It better not be Allison. But I'm thinking it's finally Lil's time to go.

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RJ said...

We're really different this week . . . Anoop still bores me, I still think Danny sounds like elevator music, and I prefer Matt to Anoop.

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I really didn't like a lot of these songs . .