Thursday, March 05, 2009

American Idol - Wild And Crazy

American Idol - Top 36 - Group 3 - Results Night

WHAT THE HELL? Let's just cut right to the chase.

Lil Rounds. Expected. (Plus my pool pick. YAY! Points for me!)

Scott MacIntyre. Really? Seriously? Just cause he's blind? You know he can't really sing right?

Jorge Nuñez. REALLY? Seriously? Just cause he's Puerto Rican and freezing his little butt off in L.A. (yeah, feel REAL sorry for you dude, try Toronto in February) and has an accent? And cause he's latino he's "smoldering"? I'm not buying it.

Over Ju'Not? Over Von? Over Felicia Barton?

And then the Wild Card picks? How desperately obvious can the producers get?

Okay, YAY for Ricky Braddy and Anoop Desai! YAY!

Kind of yay for Jasmine Murray who I liked early on but failed miserably in the Top 36.

Kind of yay for Von Smith who I hated early on but surprised me in the Top 36.

Maybe yay for Matt Giraud who had early potential but hasn't lived up to it yet.

Now, I'm not surprised at all at Tatiana Del Toro returning from the dead. It's like a bad horror movie, but you have to admit, girl could sing (but then again, so could Kristen McNamara and of the two, I think McNamara is less annoying (I can't believe I just put "less annoying" with "Kristen McNamara" in the same sentence)). Plus, I get it, it's a ratings grab. I mean, here we are all talking about her again. Still, how obvious can the producers get?

But Megan Joy Corkrey? By Simon? Oh Simon. How obvious can you get with the pretty blonde pick?

And Jessie Langseth? She's SOOO annoying. Blech.

Sadly, my 3 picks from the Wild Card round would be Ricky, Anoop and Von but no way are they putting 3 guys through an already guy heavy Top 12, and no way are they adding 2 more white males into a group that already has 5.

I still can't believe they didn't give Ju'Not or Felicia a second chance.
UPDATE: Or Mishovonna Hensen. Why didn't SHE get picked?

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