Monday, March 16, 2009

Full Circle - ER, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock and More

ER - In Times of Old - Ep. 1519

It's the countdown to the series finale and I'm totally suckered back into watching (and have been since Noah Wylie came back). I mean, it started when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. Like before university. Before all my jobs. And that was a LONG TIME AGO. (Sadly, I had pimples then, and I still have pimples now. WTF?) So I think everyone had a mid 90's flashback when Carol and Doug, Benton and Carter are mixing it up with Neela and Morris. Plus was anyone thrown off for a second when you realized John Stamos is technically the replacement to George Clooney? I mean, love Stamos but really? Then again, Clooney wasn't Clooney until this show. Before that, he was just that dude with the big chin and big hair from The Facts of Life. Hmm.. maybe the similarities aren't so different after all. The Facts of Life = Full House.

Anyways, George Clooney, Noah Wylie, Julianna Margulies and Eriq La Salle's returns were nicely done, without any huge RETURN blinking over their heads. Even Susan Sarandon's guest spot seemed subdued. It was all very smoothly integrated into the current show. Though I'm sure we were all waiting for Doug and Carol to figure out that the organs were being donated to Carter but it never happened which was a nice touch for quality but not for wish fulfillment.

And while I stopped watching regularly and I know people say its not the same, I still like the current cast.

But man, just thinking back, a LOT of people have passed through the halls of County.

More on Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, The Office, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, Survivor: Tocantins, The Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters, The Mentalist, Lie To Me, Bones, Castle, America's Best Dance Crew, The Secret Life of The American Teenager:

Ugly Betty - A Mother Of A Problem - Ep. 318
30 Rock - The Funcooker - Ep. 314

Is it me or does Ugly Betty and 30 Rock seem more compatible than what their respective networks have given them? Between the real New York City setting, the zaniness of it all, and sharing Broadway guest stars (with Patti LuPone as both Frank's mom and Marc's mom), these shows really should be on the same network.

This week Christine Byranski is Matt's mom (when she isn't Leonard's mom and singing with Sheldon) and gives an even BETTER case for Matt to stick around. Because is beady-eyed cutie Matt is still around in Betty's life, so will Byranski's rich bitch mom to be a thorn in Betty's back.

Liz has to get out of jury duty but her crazy tricks (getting all Star Wars freakish) don't work in New York. Jenna goes crazy. Tracy goes crazy. Business as usual!

The Office - Golden Ticket - Ep. 517
The New Adventures of Old Christine - Too Close For Christine - Eps. 417
Gary Unmarried - Gary Uses His Veto - Eps. 116

Top respected comedies The Office and The New Adventures of Old Christine were good but... um... I think I laughed the loudest at Gary Unmarried this week. What's happening to me?

I mean, I still don't get the opener and closer at Dundler Mifflin (with the Knock Knock jokes and all) but the Golden Ticket was amusing with a great outcome. And Kristen Johnston guesting as a fellow parent of Richie's new friend (so awkwardly nerdy it's like they were being groomed to be future Dwight's) and who is simply as crazy as Christine.

But when Gary uses his veto power to stop his daughter Louise from taking chinese lessons, and then tries to sneak her to golf lessons, I couldn't stop laughing. Granted, as I keep saying, the two kids (Ryan Malgarini and Kathryn Newton) have amazing comedic timing and very showy but yet doesn't have that creepy kid-actors vibe.

The Amazing Race - She's a Little Scared of Stick, But I Think She'll Be OK - Ep. 1405
Survivor: Tocantins - You're Going to Want that Tooth - Eps. 1805

That snow machine in Siberia looks far more complicated than it has to be. But it kinda looks cool. And scary. I'm not sure what the last challenge's point was, other than to show gratuitous skin despite the cold weather.

Meanwhile, lots of gratuitous skin shots on Survivor. Duh, the main reason I still watch this show! Well, that and the blindsides. Anyways, while team hidden rainbow is leading the pack on The Amazing Race, with Luke (who isn't actually out on the show from what we know) lands in first place with his mom again, in-the-closet-on-the-island Spencer is out. Of the island that is. So much for that. Oh well, I like Brendan and Stephen and even farmboy JT more anyways.

I gotta say though, I still don't know which team to root for cause I kinda like most people on both teams. Well, except Coach. But who doesn't.

Desperate Housewives - The Story of Lucy and Jessie - Ep. 517

And again, Gabi is making me laugh. A lot. From her infinite smile at the funeral where Carlos finds out he's getting his dead boss' position. To telling Lynette that she's flattered but not interested after already having kissed Susan to prove her lesbian point? Hilarious! Then she's okay with Carlos' VP and ex-girlfriend? And she's Lesley Boone from Ed!?!? Awesome!

And then Swoosie Kurtz (from the sadly departed Pushing Daisies) is the lesbian after Susan's heart? Doubly awesome!

The Mentalist - Crimson Casanova, Scarlett Fever, Bloodshot - Eps. 114-116
Bones - The Bones That Foam - Ep. 415
Lie To Me - Love Always - Ep. 105
Castle - Pilot - Ep. 101 - Series Premiere

This week, The Mentalist Patrick Jane goes blind after someone sets off a bomb in the parking lot but he's still seems to see things better than everyone else does. Yet again, there's an easy red herring and the whole episode slyly leads us through the mystery, subconsciously guiding us along to think we're two steps ahead, and yet it's still really fun to watch. It helps that they are slowly fleshing out the gang now so that they can actually use Owain Yeoman, Amanda Righetti, and Tim Kang's acting abilities. Still, this is Simon Baker's show and he's having a ball and it's a lot of fun to watch him bounce off of Robin Tunney's Lisbon.

Lie To Me is Tim Roth's show though I do like his little lie-detector entourage and the little facts about lying and facial ticks are fun, I find myself half tuning out now.
Fellow FOX show Bones is still the gold standard of procedurals that goes beyond procedurals and adds heart, warmth, romance and humour to the genre. Plus I'm still enjoying the rotating replacements for Zack. (It was Brit Mr. Nigel-Murray, the one who spews facts and sounds arrogant but is actually just a ball of nerves). No procedural manages to balance all the elements well enough together like Bones (and this week directed by David Boreanaz himself!)

Meanwhile, ABC seems to recognize this and is trying their hand at it with Castle and it's all forced and jumbled but yet I found myself highly entertained because their lead, Richard Castle, is played by Nathan Fillion (Desperate Housewives, Firefly, Dr. Horrible). His charm is enough to fill a show full of stereotypes and cliches and make up for the lack of chemistry with his "partner". Bones and Booth they ain't.

Grey's Anatomy - I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Ep. 516
Private Practice - Finishing - Ep. 217
Brothers & Sisters - Spring Broken - Eps. 319

Amber Benson!?!? On Private Practice? You gotta admit that while the show has been nowhere near as good as we hoped, they were do cast well. First Emma Caulfield, now Amber Benson!!! Where's Xander?

Actually, both Grey's and Private seemed better this week. I was actually enthralled and entertained. Except for that whole Derek is down bit. It's a downer and Mer and Der have teetered on intolerability lately and this doesn't help, even if Derek batting away the wedding ring in front of Mer was a nice dramatic moment. I'm not sure it was worth it all just for that scene.

And while overwhelmed new mother Kitty and sick Robert are downers on Brothers & Sisters, at least they're smart enough to get Kitty to drive all the way back from Santa Barbara to escape and of course, land at Nora's door. And to meet Ryan for the first time!

While the brothers Kevin, Justin and Tommy go on a trip to Baja (because that's the first thing you do when you're about to go to jail) where it's Spring Break Bitches!

And as much as I don't want to, I'm loving Ryan (Luke Grimes).

The Secret Life of The American Teenager - Whoomp! (There It Is) - Eps. 121

The baby is coming the baby is coming!!! Just in time for Amy to miss the incredibly painful baby shower Adrian (yes, Adrian) and Grace (by default) was throwing for her. With guests like Mr. Molina's pregnant wife (is that Constance Marie? Who deserves better especially after The George Lopez Show).

And Jack kisses Grace? Ashley will move out with George? Adrian gets caught having sex with her step-brother by her FATHER? OMG. LOVE THIS SHOW!

America's Best Dance Crew - Season 3 Finale

I forgot to comment on this last week because I meant to put it in my "Battle of the Sexes" post. But by the end of the season, I kinda wanted the all-girls group Beat Freaks to beat the all-boys group Quest Crew. I mean, I LOVE Quest Crew but they've kinda been the front runner all season long, plus they had the advantage of a built in fanbase from So You Think You Can Dance thanks to DTrix, Hok and Ryan. But the girls in Beat Freaks were pretty awesome themselves and I thought they had a better final performance on top of all that.

But the two final teams were definitely the two best. Though while I liked Fly Khicks, I thought they kicked off Dynamic Edition too early just to get a semi finals with boys vs. girls. It seemed a bit too convenient.

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Esther said...

I loved Desperate Housewives tonight. I thought it was hilarious. I think I'm at the point where the mystery takes a back seat to the women getting into wacky situations! Seriously, the mystery part is taking way too long to unfold. But Terri Hatcher, Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman were awesome!

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