Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Better Off For TV

I just noticed that ABC is re-airing the first two episodes of Better Off Ted TONIGHT (Tuesday, March 31st) at 8pm (yes, against American Idol so really it's just burning it off but maybe you can tape it or something) for everyone to catch up before their third episode at its regular timeslot at 8:30pm on Wednesdays on ABC (right before Lost).

Because it is SERIOUSLY FUNNY! And it seems like nobody watched. Of course. Seriously America, you have no right to whine about the dying quality of entertainment if you're going to ignore this show (or Kings, Friday Night Lights etc. etc.)

The second episode was just as funny as the first and all the dynamics are there for the fresh new comedy. Portia De Rossi is back in what she does best, playing a cold harded bitch and tossing off those dry zingers in superspeed. Jay Harrington is a great affable centre for the zaniness that happens around him, and Jonathan Slavin is precious as the poor lab rat that works at Veridian Dynamics, the semi-evil-and-definitely-questionable-morally-speaking-company. Love that Andrea Anders is proving that she's better than some of her previous material, plus love that her character has a need to stick it to the man. And Malcolm Barrett is a great foil for Slavin and is a nice counterpoint to any black stereotypes (finally, a REAL Black character in oddly such a quirky premise).

Better Off Ted - Heroes - Ep. 102

Loved that Phil (Slavin) was still screaming post-frozen-and-then-unfrozen experiment and that while Veronica (De Rossi) wants to fire him, Ted steps in to save the day. And love that Linda (Anders) still needs to steal milkers. I don't know why since I'm lactose intolerant and I don't even drink coffee but I've always had the urge to take those things too.

And how funny/odd/scary was their new development to produce cowless beef. Or the fact that they actually test it on real people?

If there's anytime better to satirize the evil-corporate world, nows the time!

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