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Family Ties - Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother and More

Friday Night Lights - Every Rose Has Its Thorn, It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy, Keeping Up Appearances - Eps. 305 - 307

Okay, I'm way ahead on these eps. and finally just watched the season finale and I'll just say, WOW. I was practically in tears. Also I say finally because I was sort of saving it, and alas, I want MORE (so there had BETTER be season 4, do you hear me NBC/DirecTV?)

Anyways, after Smash's tearful swan song (on the show, not his actual character thankfully), it's now Jason's (above, the stoic and handsome Scott Porter who has given such depth to the straight-laced-good-guy jock role that in lesser hands, would have been a flat performance) turn as he tries to find his place in the world.

On a side note, with Jason soon to be moving on, I'm also going to totally miss Herc (Kevin Rankin, who incidentally, will be on this week's Lost!).

I'm still loving that J.D. (Jeremy Sumpter, above with Moffett) has become the star player and bumping Matt out of the quarterback spotlight, yet he isn't a bad guy, and that his pushy father Joe (a perfectly coiffed D.W. Moffett) is like a slow-burn creepy bully.

Also love Landry's new band. Hilarious! Landry and Devin. Oh poor Landry... lol.

Oh man, I don't want to spoil too much for the rest of the season but I just get teary eyed thinking about it. I love these characters too much.

How I Met Your Mother - The Stinsons - Ep. 415

The gang follows Barney and finds out he has:

a) a mother (Frances Conroy) who likes to share too much about her whory youth. Barney IS his mother's son.

b) a wife named Betty (Betty and Barney?) and a son Bam Bam Tyler

Turns out Barney hired actors to be his "family" for his mother's sake. Loved the whole episode.

Loved that Lily revealed that she hates her mother-in-law. Loved that Ted wanted to be an actor and really connected with "Betty". Loved that they caught Ted and Betty kissing and Ted improved a reaction. (Loved Lily's Cyrano moment of makeup with Marshall's mom on the phone later in the cab ride home).

Of course, the whole thing gives Barney another push towards Robin when he reveals all the lies to his mom. Could "Betty" be Ted's "mother" in question? I doubt it but it was a fun episode nonetheless.

More on Brothers & Sisters, The Big Bang Theory, The Bachelor, Chuck, The Amazing Race, True Beauty, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, Top Chef, Dollhouse:

Brothers & Sisters - Family Legacy: Part 1 & 2 - Eps. 316 - 317

Kitty and Robert have a baby (well, their babymommy does). Then Robert has a heart attack. Spread over 2 hours. Add in some evil Holly doing battle with bad Balthazar Tommy. Shake.

Still, there were moving moments when Holly wasn't sneering or Robert wasn't getting all political again (which is starting to get boring again).

At this point, lets just get it over with and bump Tommy/Balthazar out, bring in Ryan and let the rest of the Walkers emotionally beat down on Ryan. From the previews, looks like it's all coming down next week (!).

Maybe I was just sentimental but the "Bridge Over Troubled Water" as Ryan comes to Walker's door (with Rebecca and wanna-be-a-doc-Justin answering) was a nice touch. Schmaltzy but effective.

The Bachelor - Jason Mesnick - The Women Tell All, Season Finale, After The Final Rose Part 1 - Eps. 1308-1310

DeAnna finally came back. dun dun DUN. But only after a REALLY REALLY long finale/season. Boy they sure milked Jason's pretty mug this year (Not that I blame them).

First, The Women Tell All is usually my favorite. Love these reunion episodes when people must feign happiness and politeness to not seem like the crass, bitchy, vengeful people that they are. LOVE. Sadly, this ep. wasn't as good since really only a couple of them women really showed their claws but generally, everyone seemed really nice, especially Jillian, who now seems set up to be the next Bachelorette. I guess because the REAL drama was still coming in the finale. (Still, while they were truly stretching the 2 hours by looking at the hookups abound with the men of the The Bachelorette and the girls from The Bachelor but YAY for Fred and Noelle! So cute! The others were still kind of painful to watch, especially Jesse-now-sans-DeAnna)

But it wasn't with DeAnna. Wow. That was kinda disappointing. Cause Jason was EXTREMELY gentlemanly when he turned down DeAnna's return for him. I wanted that CRYING seen on the balcony that we kept seeing in the previews. Boy, the editors are geniuses and we are such suckers. Still, Jason's reaction makes me love him even MORE now. Can that even be?

But boy, Jason's ultimate decision to reject Molly, and her surprised reaction, was strangely honest and moving and like DeAnna's rejection of Jason, seemed ultimately REAL, especially for a "reality show". Unlike most other times on reality shows, it really didn't seem like they were playing to the cameras. Probably why Jason's become such a popular bachelor and why ratings were up again. I mean, yah, he's hot and seems intelligent and extremely likable but I think this season has done so well because ultimately, he seems pretty honest to the camera.

That said, I kinda felt Melissa was a bit too perky and would be a bit controlling after the camera's stopped, and her reaction to Jason's break up on the after show, about 10 minutes (on TV) after he proposed, kinda showed how annoying she could be. Granted, I'd be pissed too, but Molly and Jason just seemed to be more on the same level.

As caddish as Jason's move was to dump Melissa to pursue Molly again, I really didn't think he came off looking bad or caddish at all. Considering how awful it was for Melissa, and how bitter she was (and had the right to be), I actually felt bad for Jason.

But call me crazy but I actually think Jason and Molly might actually make it. Love how Molly was trying to hide her smile and look confused when Jason started explaining everything.

The Big Bang Theory - The Cushion Saturation - Ep. 215

They've found something for Sara Gilbert's Leslie to do! And it's to become Howard's lover. LOVER! Howard's getting some! Wait, is Howard getting more than I am? Sad. DId I just share too much? Hehe. Kidding. KIDDING.

(okay, not really).

This show is really on a role isn't it? And totally becoming a weekly fave and guaranteed laugh. Okay, it's silly but it's not even just the particulars of Sheldon anymore (though Jim Parsons still is the breakout star of the show). Now that they've moved on from a potential love story between Penny and Leonard, there's a big breath of relief between these two and I find them much funnier now without that will-they-or-won't-they hanging over them. They even COULD have a will-they-or-won't-they like the recent kiss and it still feels freer than before.

Chuck - Chuck Versus the Suburbs, Chuck Versus the Best Friend, Chuck Versus the Beefcake - Eps. 213 - 215

Loved the suburbs episode. I keep underestimating Jenny McCarthy. I keep thinking I hate her but I really don't.

And LOVE Andy Richter. He seriously needs to control the universe again. (Too bad Chuck stopped him and the rest of the cul-de-sac gang).

And for once, I kinda loved Morgan as he's spying on Anna and Chuck's humiliating him to discreetly save his life. What's with the resurgence of Africa these days? First there's Karl Wolf's new single, and then Jeff and Lester audition for Ellie's wedding with a really really bad slow version.

Of course then Morgan shows us the full Morgan and kind of ruins it all again (for us and Ellie). Chuck (after being pre-tortured (seriously, what a FUNNY torture scene!)) decides to move out of Ellie and Awesome's place and with Morgan (freaking out Ellie) but alas, now Chuck has to move in with Sarah to keep cover. I don't even care what crazy reason forces this new plot twist, if they can recreate that suburban house they had to go undercover in, with posed Sears portrait photos and all, I'm going to love it!

True Beauty - Ep. 108 - Season Finale

Someone won. It wasn't the older straight dude with frosted tips, and it wasn't the other muscular dude who only looked hot in that last photo where he was drenched in water. The last girl standing won. Cause she was beautiful on the inside. yey. now i can move on with my life and rest comfortably that the true beauty did in fact win True Beauty. yey.

Strangely, I still kinda liked the not-gay frosted tips guy in the end of it all.

The Amazing Race - I'm Not Wearing That Girl's Leotard! - Ep. 1403

My recording was really bad so I could hear it all but I couldn't see everything so I missed the full extent of hilarity at seeing everyone do gymnastics but I did hear Victor and Tammy fight like brother and sister. And see Mike and Mel win 1st place for the leg! yay! Sad to see old couple go. They were kind of a cool old couple.

30 Rock - Larry King - Ep. 312

That was a total ridiculous episode (when Tracy Jordan inadverntently causes mass pandemonium on Larry King). And I still laughed like crazy. Unbelievable but hilarious nonetheless.

And yay! Kenneth is Liz's FRIEND!

It was a great 22 minute public service announcement to never lose your cell phone, or at least, cell phones where you've taken "adult" photos of yourself.

And never trust anything on Larry King (unless Kathy Griffin is guest hosting).

Ugly Betty - Things Fall Apart - Ep. 316

I know why I automatically like Matt (other than the fact that this show is really good at bringing in new male paramours and make us fall in love, but then doesn't really know what to do with them after. See Henry, Gio, Jesse, Connor, etc.). The actor (Daniel Eric Gold) has the same adorable beady eyes like Josh Grobin and kinda looks like his brother or something.

Meanwhile, Connor is screwing over Meade and Wily chooses career over love, but not in enough time as Connor gets away with the Meade money leaving Wily, Claire and Daniel with... ??? is there a magazine left?

Nice twist but what a quick way to write Connor off the show. It was a nice soapy dramatic twist in exchange for some developed character development (and after all that time), so I'm not sure if I loved it or thought it was a copout.

Top Chef - Finale Part 2 - Eps. 514

Speaking of copouts, WHAT???

Okay, if Stefan was going to lose, we assumed Carla would be there to pick up the win. Nowhere in the plans was there room for Hosea to actually win this shindig? Ridiculous. I mean, it was nice that he pulled off the final menu so perfectly but does the whole season not count? I know it comes down the theory of how to judge these things (does it come down to the final challenge and ONLY THAT? or should the past influence things?).

So now that Carla didn't win, can we now give her a show of her own? She would be an AWESOME host. I mean, they're giving Fabio his own show (!!!), I think Carla should get one too!

Dollhouse - Ghost - Ep. 101 - Series Premiere, The Target - Ep. 102

So I watched Dollhouse and... hmm... uh...

it's alright, but I didn't love it but I didn't hate it. Which is probably the worst thing you can say about a Joss Whedon project.

Then again, I didn't really discover Buffy until later seasons (and then caught back up) so maybe this show needs to get into its groove first. "They" do claim that it really gets good in episode 6 (and episode 3 this past weekend sucked). And I always say, new TV shows really need to get time to really get into their flow and that we really need more patience.

Still, I want to see more, just because it's Whedon and I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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