Monday, March 30, 2009

I Can't Believe I Watched Twilight...

So, um, I watched Twilight this past weekend and uh... I really enjoyed it. Really really enjoyed it.

And no, I'm not in love with Edward/Robert Pattison (though I will admit, that as much as I resisted, I did find him a bit swoonworthy by the end of the film and made me forget about his awful greasy haired appearances in public).

I am however in love with Catherine Hardwicke who does wonder with the direction and really makes the whole movie what it is. Seriously, brilliant direction. Because the whole premise could have been pretty hokey, but Hardwicke actually makes the movie quite elegant and edgy. Especially since I still can't take the book series seriously yet (I know I know, many of you (albeit all female) have told me to read it).

I also enjoyed the casting. Especially with the bevy of actors I always liked but never thought were that good. And yet, here they seemed really good.

From Billy Burke (My Boys, Gilmore Girls) as Bella's father, to Elizabeth Reaser (Grey's Anatomy) as Edward's "mom", to Peter Facinelli (Damages) as Edward's "father", to Cam Gigandet (The OC, Never Back Down) as rival vampire James, to Nikki Reed (The OC, Thirteen) as vamp Rosalie, to Kellan Lutz (90210) as vamp Emmett, to Sarah Clarke (24, Trust Me) as Bella's mom, to Rachelle Lefevre (Swingtown) as bad vamp Victoria, to Anna Kendrick (Rocket Science) as friend Jessica.

Even Kristen Steward and Robert Pattison seemed good in the movie.

Though instead of falling in love with Edward, I think I'm in love with Mike Newton played by Michael Welch. So adorable! And love him with Anna Kendrick. I really do like her from Rocket Science even though I didn't love that movie.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm giving Twilight a solid B+ and I would even consider an A-. Who knew?!

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Action Wolfe said...

I love twilight... but the book was better than the movie - but was expected. Can't wait for New Moon mainly because of the 30 pounds of muscle Luther has put on to play jacob black.