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Battle of the Sexes - The Week The Women Went, Project Runway Canada, The Real World: Brooklyn and Survivor

Men really do see things differently from women, don't we? I mean, I'm gay, so I've always felt a closer connection with girls and have tons of girl friends, but even then, I sometimes don't see eye to eye (I'm still backing you Jason!). Look at attention whore Melissa on DWTS now.

The Week The Women Went - Ep. 208 - Season Finale

The season finale to the 2nd season of this oddly enjoyable and touching show is TONIGHT on CBC at 8pm and the women who went, finally come back! To save the men who have been living/surviving without them for the week.

Oh, let the battle of the sexes begin! Or will it just be tears of joy! I know the women only left for a week but considering most of these folks from Tatamagouche have never left, or left their men for a long period of time, a week is a big deal!

But will Colleen Mattatall return to find her cup of coffee STILL sitting on the kitchen table? Because her husband Robert Mattatall still refuses to wash it?

And will Terry Cole finally make an honest woman out of Julie Tattrie (not that she's dishonest, though where DOES that phrase come from?)?

And will hunkalicious Micah Stewart manage to handle the kids AND get the townsmen to finish the new dock by the water? Let's just say there's going to be a big shark involved and wife Treva is none too pleased (though she still seems to have a good sense of humour about it).

I won't spill any details about the finale but as like the whole series, it's reinstates a ton of the stereotypes between the sexes, but that's doesn't mean it's no less hilarious, joyously feelgood, or informative of natural human behavior. I mean, women REALLY should take note that the men WILL clean up, they just will clean up at the VERY LAST MINUTE. And the men of Tatamagouche really seem to wait, until the VERY LAST MINUTE. Before the women come back.

Project Runway Canada - Something Old, Something New, Hope Springs Eternal, Stick To It - Eps. 205-207

Okay, so it's not so much a battle between the sexes as it is Kim against anybody who is in her way. Last week it was Jeff, this week it's Jessica. Meanwhile she should have been eliminated but instead, Baylor was sent home way too early (granted, it was not his best week).

Meanwhile, Jessica finally pulls up her... pants? dress? and becomes a worthy competitor for clear front runner Sunny who was just collecting the challenge wins from Iman. Seriously, as lovely as Sunny's dress was last week (can he MAKE an ugly dress?), Jessica's lime green pleated dress was phenomenal (and now on sale at Winners (or win it!)).

This week, Sunny and now Jessica continue their domination, and Kim continues bitching about everything. Her dress was alright but I'm glad Shaun noted that it looked better walking on the runway then it did standing still.

And while I actually liked Jason (though he really needs to shave), his dress was FUGLY. Jason and Adejoke seem to really hit or miss. It's too bad since the Genevieve and Kim, who are so less likable, are doing slightly better these weeks.

In sadder news, I forgot to mention Danlo's passing and now this week's cancer survivor model passed away too. That's really sad. Plus has there really ever been this kind of thing with reality TV people while the show is still on? The closest I could think of is Pedro from The Real World but he passed away after the show was over. No?

More on The Real World: Brooklyn, Survivor: Tocantins:

The Real World: Brooklyn - Of Mice and Devyn's Men, Angry Boys and Dirty Girls - Eps. 2107-2108

I'm still a week behind but boy, the division of the sexes in the house continues.

The boys continue to play childish pranks (with JD, Chet, Ryan and Scott joyously buying a mouse to scare the girls). And the girls don't get it and get mad.

Then the boys get mad at the girls when they don't clean up after themselves in the apartment. With the girls (Baya, Sarah, Devyn and Katelynn) living like filthy pigs and the boys on constant cleanup control. (Wait, didn't I just say men won't clean until the last minute?)

This is when JD awesomely gets into a fit and slams a bowl into the coffee table as he rages against Sarah. From the preview clips, I would have though he had gone mad. But now that I've seen how Sarah was the whole time, I'm totally on the boys side. Probably because I'm a boy but seriously, those girls are such hypocrites. I know JD's not always great but he's got a point with Sarah.

It's interesting to see JD though in the boys group while Katelynn is totally apart of the girls group. Doesn't matter whether they are team rainbow, division lines still go by gender doesn't it?

Survivor: Tocantins - The Poison Apple Needs to Go, Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This, The Strongest Man Alive - Eps. 1802-1804

I LOVE the cross gender cross tribe alliance formed between the hunky Brendon, Taj, adorably geeky Stephen and Sierra. Though I'm still not sure why Taj had to let everyone know she's essentially rich and doesn't need the money? And the clip of this week's episode looks like the secret cross-tribe alliance won't be secret no more! Let the plotting begin.

I'm also rooting for J.T. who seems so huggable.

Meanwhile, Spencer the proudly straight-acting gay, is alright on the show. But off the show, in real life, has said some questionable things. I mean I get the straight-acting thing. But no need to announce it and denounce everything else. Plus, now that he's apparently dating millionaire Survivor winner Todd Herzog, should I even bother rooting for Spencer anymore? I know. I'm a jealous bitch!

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