Thursday, March 12, 2009

American Idol - Idol Would Have Sucked Without Kelly Clarkson

American Idol - Top 13 - Results Night - The Cut from 13 to 11

Well, I thought it was going to be a bigger showdown, but in the end... Idol won out since Lost was a damn rerun. Its first in 2 season?

Luckily, Kelly Clarkson was there on hand to entertain me and break up the 6 minutes of actual content that was spread over an entire hour (and a bit).

Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You

Well, I think everyone guessed that the new twist was that the judges would have some sort of veto power. But since it can only be used once, now they just get to rub it in to the loser that they don't feel like saving them. It's like pouring salt on the wound. And kinda hilarious (in a schadenfreude way).

Yesterday, I said this:
Bottom Three Four (?) Predictions: Jasmine Murray, Scott MacIntyre, Jorge Nuñez, Megan Corkrey
Going Home: Jasmine Murray and...

If the new twist is that the judges can save someone from the bottom 3: Jorge Nuñez and/or Megan Corkrey because they are going to save Scott.
If it's some other twist: Megan Corkrey is going home.

Well, I was mostly kinda right, but then again, it wasn't hard to predict considering Airtime Hogs Adam, Lil and Danny were definitely going to be safe, the New Discoveries Allison and Kris should be safe, the Old Faves Michael, Alexis and Matt had a good night, which left Jasmine, Megan, Scott, Jorge and Anoop out in the cold.

Now I would have thought Anoop would have had enough of a fan base to keep him with the old faves, but I guess that spot went to Scott instead (not that Ryan actually said those on stage were bottom 4, did he?).

So alas Jasmine. So long. I'm going to miss seeing your pretty family. You can now return back to your "Home Sweet Home". (Was I the only one underwhelmed by Carrie Underwood's new Idol swan song?)

And so long Jorge. I won't really miss you but alas, you seemed nice enough.

On the good news side, all my pool picks all made it to the next round. WOOOO! More points for me! I'd be more annoyed at this new Judges Veto power if it wasn't for the fact that they would totally use it on Lil, Adam and Danny and save one of my three picks.

I did feel a little better when the applause for Allison and Kris (my new personal faves) seemed pretty loud.

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RJ said...

Seems we have the same two favorites . . .

I want to start the AK 47 posse (Allison and Kris supporters) :)