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Broadway Babies - Ugly Betty, Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock and More

Ugly Betty - Sugar Daddy - Ep. 317

Not that one can overload on Cheyenne Jackson, but I sure saw a lot of him last week. In pure coincidence, I happened to catch up with the episodes of Life on Mars and Lipstick Jungle that guest starred Cheyenne from earlier this season. Then he shows up as a hot new baby daddy that Marc meets on the street. Then they have a playdate! Well, a baby play date (Marc borrows MiniWily) much to Marc's dismay.

And now Cheyenne is going to be on Glee! If there's any series that seems to be built for great network crossover appeal with Ugly Betty, FOX's Glee sounds like it (and I haven't even seen it!). Plus the two shows could share their guest roster of Broadway performers.

Loved that Ugly Betty was dealing with the economy and shaking things up by making the Meade's and Wily financially in trouble (yet still living it up on the town). But really it's cause I loved that it forced Wily onto a bus. A BUS!

Meanwhile, Betty's new Matt is not only cute (still loving his beady Josh Grobanish eyes) but he's RICH RICH RICH. Some girls just get all the luck.

And Steve Schirripa, taking a break from giving Ben, Ricky and Amy a reality check, lovingly guests as a TV Chef competing with Ignacio so that the Suarez's could win enough money for a downpayment to buy their house. (Love that Mo Rocca was the host of the TV cook-off).

Still, seeing Wily and Daniel on a New York City bus was too precious!

Friday Night Lights - New York, New York - Ep. 308

I wonder if Tim Riggins enjoyed Patti LuPone's performance in Gypsy?

Jason's farewell episode took him and Riggins to New York City (though no sightings of Wily on a bus), in a bold move to leave Dillon, Texas and find his way in the world (and to support and be with Erin and his baby). For me, it was a lovely and sad last episode with the always awesome Scott Porter (who blogs about it here, and started off in the original Off-Broadway cast of Altar Boyz). It's also sadly the last we will probably see Herc (Kevin Rankin, also on Lost on the same week! See below), who has been such a great cheerleader to Jason's life since the accident that put him in the wheelchair.

And Tim's goodbye to Jason? Definitely tearworthy.

30 Rock - Goodbye, My Friend - Ep. 313

So after performing for Tim Riggins and Jason Street, Patti LuPone shows up on 30 Rock as Frank's overbearing mother (does Patti play any other kind now?).

Now they just have to get Cheyenne Jackson to show up and team up with Jane Krakowski again (esp. after they were originally meant to do Xanadu on Broadway together).

Meanwhile, Spring Awakening's Phoebe Strole pops up as donut girl, a pregnant girl that Liz follows and befriends in the hope of stealing adopting her baby.

Jenna and Tracy compete for birthday party attention. And Jack makes Frank into himself with Frank leaving the show to become a lawyer, much to Frank's mother's dismay.

Each story was hilarious but there seemed to be a whole lot of story this week that they could have spread them out a bit more. I mean, while using Harry and the Hendersons as a plot point was probably genius, having John Lithgow show up and having a barely memorable moment isn't.

More on Lost, The Office, The Amazing Race, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Top Chef, Dollhouse, Corner Gas:

Lost - LaFleur - Eps. 508

Oh LaFleur! Oh Sawyer! You big ol' lug of a man!

While some complained that it was one of the more emotional and love centric episodes, I liked that they used a Sawyer-centric episode to explain a lot that has happened on the island between all the flash forwards, flashbacks, time jumps, and the Oceanic 6's eventual return. I mean, it was a nice smooth transition from seeing Juliet and Sawyer all domesticated as Dharma folks, and then see Sawyer's reaction on his face upon Kate's return to the island. It was a simple moment, but it said tons.

I thought considering all the time jumping, it seemed like an amazingly smooth episode that flowed really well. I mean, I still want MORE but doesn't every episode of Lost do that? Isn't that the point?

The Office - Blood Drive - Ep. 516

Michael makes a pass at a girl while donating blood. Meanwhile, Creed is still my hero. Not my favorite episode, and apparently it's now March sweeps since NBC held back this Valentine's Day episode but what a way to rub it into us single folks again. Thanks a lot!

At least I don't work at Dundler Mifflin where I would have had to deal with Michael hosting all the singles. On the other hand, couple Pam and Jim went to dinner with couple Phyllis and Bob Vance and accidentally sees them doing the Valentine tango in the restroom. I'm not really sure which would have been worse.

The Amazing Race - It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots - Ep. 1404

Girl Friend: Don't you want Mike and Mel to win?
Me: Yah, but don't you love Luke and Margie too?
Girl: Something about him bugs me.
Me: But he's so CUUUTE. And isn't Margie awesome?
Girl: There's something about him.
Me: He's cute AND he's gay.
Girl: He just seems bitchy.
Me: Duh, that's cause he's gay.
Girl: Oh I guess.

This week, a new twist appears on the show with a Blind U-Turn. U-Turn another team without having to reveal yourself. So Luke uses it against "perfect couple" Amanda and Kris. How deliciously evil. Of course it would have been better if Kris and Amanda wasn't already in last place, but at least it showed that Luke can play just as dirty as the hearing.

BTW, that toboggan slide thing looks SOOO FUN! I love me anything on tracks and rollercoaster like (HUGE FAN) so I've seen the summer bobsled but it's usually concrete. I'm even more seduced by the shiny tracks (seriously, I love trains, monorails, rollercoasters etc).

Desperate Housewives - Crime Doesn't Pay - Ep. 516

Gaby still makes me laugh. Even though she essentially inadvertently killed Carlos' boss (by forcing him to fess up to his infidelities).

Lynette and Tom were hilarious competing for a job Bree had set up and it reminded me that Doug Savant can be really really funny when he's finally given the chance again. I mean, his moping was funny this week (though not in all the episodes that led up to this demise), but when he finally got jealous of Lynette, the true hilarity came out.

Ditto on Susan and Katherine's battle over Mike AND the devotion from the other housewives. Again, Teri Hatcher can be funny and she's been a hoot this whole season and not annoying at all!

Brothers & Sisters - Taking Sides - Eps. 318

I want to hate Ryan in theory because I still think the whole "Rebecca isn't a Walker, OH, there's a NEW illegitimate "R" in the Walker family" story but Luke Grimes sure has got that emo-moppy, greasy hair cute Robert Pattison look-a-like thing down pat. Just please don't make him go out with Rebecca in the future. Please don't go there.

While anything that gathers the Walkers together into the same dining room is always awesome, having all the brothers & sisters together (except Kitty who is dealing with recovering Robert) for Ryan's arrival, but all hiding Tommy's trial, worked out better than I anticipated. Now if only they could do all that without ever showing Holly.

Seriously, I usually love Patricia Wettig but I cannot stand her on this show anymore. I know the whole family hates her character and we must too, but as much as it can drive the family apart, and Justin and Rebecca apart, I'm not sure what the whole point is, other than having an obvious evil nemesis to the Walkers on hand.

The Big Bang Theory - The Terminator Decoupling - Ep. 217

Summer Glau AND Dr. George Smoot guest star! (who and who? I know. One is Joss Whedon Cult fave actress from the little scene Firefly, the other is Nobel Prize winning Physicist, and both have funny names).

(Incidentally, 2 Firefly alums on TV again on one night? Wow! Awesome! I'll have a review of Castle with Nathan Fillion in the next TV post. And yes, he, as always, was awesome!)

Sheldon, Rajesh, Howard and Leonard take an 11 hour train to a conference in San Francisco and Summer Glau shows up, much to Howard and Rajesh's delight! Let the creepy flirtation competition begin!

Meanwhile, Sheldon is Sheldon and Leonard is there to pick up the pieces as Sheldon tries to talk Penny (back at the apartment) through some instructions. Genius! not Sheldon, but the way Penny figures out how to open Sheldon's secret box!

How I Met Your Mother - Sorry, Bro - Ep. 416

Laura Prepon is Karen, Ted's annoying college ex. She's one of THOSE people who proudly announces that she doesn't watch TV. As if it's something to boast about or something. I hate her already.

(Seriously, why do some (douchey) people think NOT watching TV is actually something to be proud of? Um, it doesn't mean you're smarter. It just means you have more free time to be pop culturally irrelevant).

Sadly, apparently after a whole episode of Ted slowly admitting he's gotten back with Karen, and then dumped her again, he's actually back with her for real this time. She had better not be the mother. I didn't love her in the 70's, I didn't love her on October Road, I didn't like her in the 80's/90's, and I'm not going to like her in the 2030's.

On the good news side, another appearance by Scooter! Also known as David Burtka, or NPH's real life love.

Chuck - Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon - Eps. 216

After all that, Chuck ISN'T going to live with Sarah? ARGH.

But Morgan and Anna will? At least SOMEONE else will be taking care of Morgan now.

Cole (Jonathan Cake, yummy!) was back to help out Chuck, Sarah and Casey with their latest mission and basically, Chuck shoots someone, learns to kick people in the knees, and finds out Orion is the dude that made the Intersect and the guy that could help Chuck out.

So he writes it on his secret board of information (aka, the back of his Tron poster. I KNEW that Tron poster had to be good for something. Cause it can't be actually for real right? That movie was WHACKED. And they're making a sequel? Tr2n?)

Top Chef - Reunion - Eps. 515

I think if they took the poll for favorite chef later in the run (it ran quite early through the episodes), I think Carla would have won, because she really peaked in the second half of the series. Before that we just thought she was a kook. Instead, obvious winner Fabio got it, but now that we know he has his own SERIES now, I kinda wish he didn't.

Now when does Carla get her own series?

Oh, and I still kinda love Stefan. And I still find Leah and Hosea a little annoying. And I actually secretly kinda love Jeff even though that's so wrong.

Dollhouse - Ghost - Ep. 101 - Series Premiere, Gray Hour - Ep. 104

Anson Mount? Man, what happened to him? Wasn't he supposed to be the next big thing at some point? Now he's a minor guest star on a cultish TV show no one is really watching.

Another somewhat enjoyable episode that still doesn't convince me to return the following week. Does that even make sense? That's just how I feel.

Corner Gas - Cat River Daze, Super Sensitive, TV Free Dog River, Queasy Rider - Ep. 611-614

Considering they show some of the best bits on the commercials, it's still fricken hilarious. I mean, I think I saw the bit where Hank kisses Emma on the lips by accident about a dozen times and it was still funny on the show. The sensitivity training? Hilarious! The No TV thing Emma tricks everyone into doing? And then the impending show Hank and Wanda end up "putting on"? Genius!

I'm actually going to really miss this show when it ends later this season.

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