Saturday, March 21, 2009

Go See A Show Or Go Be In A Show

Alright people, I know the economy sucks and you're all trying to save some money, but that doesn't mean you need to hibernate (not that there is anything wrong with that, as you can see my Tapeworthy sidebar, there's plenty of free tv to keep you entertained). Go entertain yourself AND stimulate the economy! (Or go BE an entertainer, more details at the bottom).

In Toronto, cause I know you're all Canadian and cheap... er... fiscally responsible people, and you all tend to be reserved about EVERYTHING and wait until it's a sure thing before you see it, both Dog Sees God and Spring Awakening are offering Student Rush tickets for $25.

For Dog Sees God, $25 student rush starts 30 min. before the show (most shows are 7:30pm and NOT 8pm shows so make note). Cash only but there's pretty much no problem getting them at the door at Six Degrees (which is sort of a large metal indescript door where Yuk Yuk's used to be at Eglinton and Yonge). (And if you're not a student, regular tickets are only $41.50 on weeknights anyways! AND ALL tickets include a drink from the bar!)
UPDATE: This Tuesday's show will be PWYC (Pay What You Can)!!!

For Spring Awakening in Toronto, $25 Student rush seats are available 2 hours prior to each performance (12 PM for matinees, 6 PM for evenings) with valid student ID, cash only, in-person the Canon Box office (at the Victoria Street Main Entrance). Limit 1 ticket per person. Wristband policy in effect.

For those who AREN'T students, they just made the Canon Boxes (both Orchestra and Mezzanine) to be $20 side partial view seats but since the show is mostly front loaded in the centre, I doubt you'll miss much. These box seat prices are available to everyone and can be ordered ahead of time. Yes. $20 seats. For EVERYONE and ANYBODY. (They had $25 stage seats but those are now completely sold out for the entire run, save for the 2 they hold back for house seats/rush/who knows). If you want to purchase regular seats, the code "SPRING" still works for 20% off Tuesday thru Thursday performances.

Jersey Boys in Toronto now has eased up on their rush policy. $20.00 Rush Seats are available for purchase at the Toronto Centre for the Arts Box Office beginning two hours prior to the following performances (Cash only, limit 8 rush tickets per person): Tuesday 8:00 pm/Wednesday 2:00 pm & 8:00 pm/Thursday 8:00 pm/Friday 8:00pm/Saturday 2:00pm/Sunday 2:00pm (Basically, all shows except Saturday night).
For Saturday 8pm show, there are $20 Partial view seats are available for purchase at the Toronto Centre for the Arts Box Office two hours prior to the following performances:

Anyways, those of you in the US, Sign up with Goldstar for emailed discounts (to many cities around the US). There's always tons of deals that include tours and sporting events in addition to theatre.

In NY, there's always BroadwayBox for promotional discount codes/ coupons (which also has deals for Las Vegas and London to a lesser extent). Or check here for Rush/ Student/ Lottery/ Standing Room deals on Broadway. And Rooms: A Rock Romance Off-Broadway also has deals and student rush apparently. And don't forget the Roundabout Theatre's Hip Tix Program always has $21.50 tickets (2 per person per show, $20 + $1.50 theatre fee, can be prepurchased) for those 35 and under. And the Manhattan Theatre Club has a similar deal (but $30) for those under 30.

In Boston, the Huntington Theatre has the H_Tix program for those 21-35 for $25 seats for all shows (best available seats except for premium seats. Can be pre-purchased). They are also having a sale this Wednesday March 27th for $27 tickets for certain showings of The Miracle of Naples.

In LA, the Center Theatre Group (for shows at the Ahmanson, Mark Taper Forum and Kirk Douglas Theater) offers $20 Hot Tix, available 3 weeks before the first performance of a show. 2 per person (any age), can be ordered ahead at (213) 628-2772 and use a credit card (with free shipping and no surcharges too!) or on the day of at the box office (cash only). Tickets can be anywhere but generally I've gotten side orchestra seats around the 5th row for the Ahmanson and 2nd last row in the centre section for the small Mark Taper Forum (so they were totally great seats still). But they also started a $20 pricing for almost all shows (except weekends I think) so entire sections of regular seats are only $20 now.

As for London, I have yet to find a great site that compiles the deals (if there are even any). Usually I find each play or musical will only have it listed on their individual site but either they don't list it anymore or there are very few deals to be had right now (surprisingly) because I cannot find ANYTHING. Annoying. At this point, I can only find Concession seats (rush seats in British it seems) for Three Days of Rain (Best available for £21 for students, seniors and the unwaged on the day of). The National Theatre always has £10 deals or rush or standing room or student prices (seriously, there are way too many details). The Wyndham Theatre offers £10 seats in the upper balcony and standing room rush on the day of for the Donmar In the West End productions.

If anybody knows of better sites that compile the deals in London (I can't even find any on the message boards, so maybe there are few?), let me know. So far I've only found this site that seems good at describing each theatre's seating (that compiles info on all the good and bad seats in each of London's theatres).

UPDATE: The above site TheatreMonkey also compiles the London theatre deals here!!!

Meanwhile, if you're in Canada and you think you're a star:

OPEN CALL AUDITIONS IN TORONTO FOR SPRING AWAKENING and Auditions for So You Think You Can Dance Canada starting in Vancouver, both on April 4th:


Seeking Male and Female Singers ages 17-21 for future replacements for the US National Tour of Tony Award Winning Musical, SPRING AWAKENING.


Access via Artists' Entrance, South of Roy Thomson Hall at Wellington.

Bring a recent picture and resume and prepare a short folk/alt rock song.
Bring sheet music. An accompanist will be provided.

Call 212-719-9393 x540 for more info.

Auditions for So You Think You Can Dance Canada are starting up again:

Audition dates and locations and details

Registration begins at 8 a.m. in each city.

Auditions will be held at the locations and on the dates listed below (subject to change):
Vancouver, B.C.: Saturday, April 4, Centre for Performing Arts, 777 Homer St.
Edmonton, Alta.: Tuesday, April 7, Winspear Centre, 4 Sir Winston Churchill Square (Corner of 99th Street & 102nd Ave.)
Saint John, N.B.: Tuesday, April 21, Imperial Theatre, 24 King Square S.
Toronto, Ont.: Monday, May 18, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, John Bassett Theatre, 255 Front St. W.
Montréal, Que.: Tuesday, May 26, Théâtre St-Denis, 1594 St-Denis St.

The So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 2 cross-country auditions are open to all Canadians who, as of April 1, 2009, are of the age of majority in the province/territory in which they reside, and are no older than 30 years of age.

Competitors must be either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
All competitors must be legally eligible to work in Canada.
Competitors must be of the age of majority in the province/territory in which they reside and no older than 30 years of age as of April 1, 2009. The age of majority is as follows: 18 years of age in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan; and 19 years of age in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Yukon.
All competitors must provide two pieces of identification, including a government-issued photo ID (e.g. driver's license or passport), at the audition.
Competitors may bring a non-competing dance partner for purposes of the audition.
All competitors must bring with them, along with the proper ID, the signed personal release, the completed preliminary questionnaire, and the music sheet. All will be available at the audition site and for download soon at
All competitors are asked to bring with them the completed music sheet indicating the music they will use in their audition, along with the CD containing the indicated music.
All songs must be "original" songs that are commercially available. A song must not be a re-mix of a song, a song downloaded from the Internet, or a competitor-created mix.
Competitors will not be permitted to audition in any article of clothing with a visible designer, sports or other logo; artwork; name; photo; or other mark which may be subject to protection by copyright or trademark laws.

Vance at


Pun said...

Thanks for posting the call out for our open call in Toronto!

(Pun again, the blogmaster for the Spring Awakening tour:

You Rock!

Keira Andrews said...

If you want to purchase regular seats, the code "SPRING" still works for 20% off Tuesday thru Thursday performances.

Oh, thanks for that! I saw the show twice last week from the house, am seeing it twice this weekend on stage, have two more stage seats for later in the run, and yet I'm still considering more tickets.

I think I need a 12-step program. But it's Matt Doyle! How can I resist?

Vance said...

Shhhh... I've seen it 4 times already and I'm going again tomorrow! (Wait, which day did you go last week? I was on stage on Tue, Wed and Fri. lol) though reg. seats tomorrow.

Keira Andrews said...

Hee! At least it's not just me. I was in the house Tue and Wed last week. I was only planning Tuesday, but when I found out that morning that Matt wouldn't be there, I bought a ticket for Wednesday, too. I did really enjoy Perry Sherman, though. He was much hotter in person than I expected!

I'm seeing it Friday and Saturday from the stage this week with friends from out of town, so I'm really looking forward to that. We all saw it together on Broadway for the first time in November with Matt Doyle was Melchi, and when I told them he'd be here they were SO excited.

I just know I'm going to cave next week and buy a ticket during the week. Too bad I'm not a student anymore, or I'd do the rush.

Vance said...

Well, don't forget, they just made boxes $20 for EVERYONE. Just don't buy them all up on the days I want to go too! (And since no one knows the deal, they are still all empty).

Keira Andrews said...

Oh, that's true. I'm guessing you have to buy them in person or on the phone. I think I'm going to call right now, actually. Hey, I'll happily share a box with you. ;)

Vance said...

Yah, I didn't see it online and only found out about it at the box office (no service charges in person! don't forget!).

Also, not sure you know but Spring Awakening cast are going to see Dog Sees God tonight and SA will be performing at the Eaton Center at lunchtime this Friday.

Keira Andrews said...

Yeah, I usually always buy tickets in person, so perhaps I'll go tomorrow.

I did know about the Eaton Centre, but thanks for the scoop on Dog Sees God. Man, if I wasn't home sick today I'd totally go. But I'm recovering from strep throat and I don't want to make anyone else sick. Especially not SA cast members, heh.

Vance said...

Oh no, get better soon! Yeah, seems like something is going around town cause everyone's getting it. I've been downing my imported Airborne's like crazy. Anyways, apparently they're trying to set up some cabaret nights with SA cast for the future too, and maybe something with Degrassi (though I imagine when Kyle gets back).

Keira Andrews said...

Ohhh, I've been hoping they'll do a cabaret night or two! That would be so awesome. I assume you'll post about it when you hear anything?

And thanks. I'm feeling much better than I was, thank goodness. I was really feverish and sick on Wednesday night, but I wasn't going to miss Matt's first night in TO! Thank goodness for antibiotics, or I wouldn't have made it to the ballet yesterday. I probably shouldn't have gone, but no way was I missing Nehemiah Kish, especially since that ticket was $135!