Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alec Baldwin and Alec Baldwin (and Alec Baldwin)

I was trying to decide between Duplicity and I Love You, Man (Julia and Owen vs Paul and Jason, tough choice) but because I'm pooped and lazy, I ended up doing neither and happened to watch Beetlejuice on TV, and then my sister replayed 30 Rock and even though I'm watching Alec Baldwin in both, it took me half the night before I made the connection that it's the SAME Alec Baldwin. Whoa. Times have changed.

Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis (who basically still looks the same) in Beetlejuice circa 1988ish):

Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock circa 2009:
I'm not saying he looks bad now, there's a certain handsome sexiness to him still (in that rugged bearish way). But seeing him in Beetlejuice was a little jarring since I forgot that he was in that movie.

And in another twist of fate (or star-crossed programming), when Beetlejuice was over, The Departed with Alec Baldwin started on another channel.

As for Beetlejuice, what happened to Michael Keaton? Or Winona Ryder? Or even Geena Davis? All so talented and all so great in that movie. Especially Keaton who I keep forgetting can do wonderful stuff (like also in the original Batman movies before Joel screwed them all up with new guys). I still wonder how I watched that movie so many times as a kid since it still kinda freaks me out (I was never into the horrow or ghoulish stuff and even though I know this movie is a comedy, there's some freaky stuff man!).

But it's kinda neat watching Alec Baldwin play the NORMAL LAMO central guy, especially now that we know him so well as the off-the-wall Jack Donaghy.

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