Thursday, March 19, 2009

Toronto's Spring Awakening!

I'll rapt lovely (again) soon on the show (UPDATE: Review is up) (but here's my reviews from Broadway here, here, here, here, here, here, oh, and here), but the National Touring cast of Spring Awakening is TERRIFIC! Seriously, I'm in love with a whole new batch of young actors now! But more on how awesome they are later, first off, here's some pics from Toronto's Opening Night's after party! Drink up Matt Doyle (Gossip Girl, Bare Album)! Who joins the cast until April 12th in Toronto! WOO! (And he is simply AMAZING).

Matt Doyle (Melchior), Gabrielle Garza (Anna) and Lucas A. Wells (Ensemble) doing shots (Oh yeah, the drinking age here is 19 so I think a lot of the cast was very excited about this, since they could drink legally now):

Perry Sherman (Ensemble and our Melchior on the first night preview (and was GREAT!)) (and yes, that's my sister who I've cut out of the picture! Her request, not mine. I'm not mean):

Matt Doyle (our Melchior on the official opening night):

Krystina Alabado (Ensemble) and Matt Shingledecker (Georg)

Kimiko Glenn (Thea):

Gabrielle Garza (Anna):

Christy Altomare (Wendla):

Blake Bashoff (Moritz):

Anthony Lee Medina (Otto) and Andy Mientus (Hanschen):

I wish I got photos of Steffi D (Ilse) and Ben Moss (Ernst) but I missed my chance. I have a few more photos but since I'm staying anonymous here, you can see it on facebook if you've friended me (feel free to add me if you can figure out who I am! Or email me especially if you're a longtime reader/commenter and I'll clue you in).

Also, here's some of the deals to see the show.

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Esther said...

They are cute! And so young. Matt Doyle looks like he's about 15. How sweet of you to take your sister to the party. What a great brother.

Katie said...

Great post and pictures! I'm a long time Spring fan and just stumbled over your blog. Been reading other posts, great blog! :) I'm coming up to see the show next weekend and I'm excited. Finally closer to Detroit, then NYC, although I do love the city! I'll be keeping up your blog, keep up the awesome posts! :)