Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Portia And Push Ups!

Portia de Rossi was on Ellen yesterday (I timed my gym workout to be exactly then so I could watch!) and it was AWESOME ("I'm so excited I can't think straight" - Ellen) but even more awesome? Ellen's opener.

Check out Jeff Craft (Kraft?) in the video below starting at about the 1:30 mark (or here on the official page). He does push ups as his hidden talent trick. It's more amazing than it sounds. He's also way hotter than those glasses would have you believe. He looks like those hunks in Hollywood movies that become "nerds" as soon as they have glasses on. Then they'll take the glasses off, and become a hottie in a makeover scene.

Did I mention I'm a total sucker for hot hunky guys with large arm muscles who wear nerdy glasses even though it barely hides the hotness?

The episode was only slightly ruined by the appearance of American Idol recyclables Jasmine and Jorge who also sang to prove WHY they were kicked off in the first place.

But Portia was AWESOME. Love the new Hollywood lesbian power couple! Though Portia told a story about being ignored as fans ran to Ellen but I would be all over Portia just for being in Arrested Development.

And her new show Better Off Ted (premieres this Wednesday at 8:30pm on ABC) looks fricken hilarious. And reminiscent of the awesome Andy Richter Controls the Universe and just realized its from the same creator!

Here's Ellen's interview with her wife Portia, as well as more on Better Off Ted:

The guy hosting the Newlywed Game is kinda cute too.
Here was the pre-interview from Friday's show:

An oddly revealing game (even more than The Newlywed Game):

The Cast of Better Off Ted:

Jay Harrington (Desperate Housewives, Coupling US) as Ted:

Portia De Rossi (Arrested Development, Ally McBeal) as Veronica:

Malcolm Barrett as Lem:

Jonathan Slavin (Andy Richter Controls The Universe) as Phil:

Andrea Anders (Joey, The Class) as Linda:

Here's a ton of hilarious promos:

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com

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Em said...

Thanks for posting the push up moment on Ellen. He was amazing!