Sunday, March 29, 2009

Juno You Love It

In Canada, The Juno Awards were on again and while the awards themselves matter as much as the American equivalent The Grammy's (as in, they really don't), the show is kinda fun in it's concert like format (that the Grammy's seem to have finally adopted of late). But since we really don't have THAT many stars, or a lot of money to produce the show, it's a lot more rough around the edges and a lot less glossy but I kinda like it that way.

Plus, they had Russell Peter's host again this year!

Since usually only one major internationally famous Canadian music star returns every year as the big headliner (though this year seemed to be both Bryan Adams and Sarah McLachlan), the show does get to spotlight a lot more indie bands and artists (like Kathleen Edwards who duets with Adams).

Cause I forgot how much I loved The Stills.

And I love that Dallas Green is basically a "star" in Canada (for his solo "band" City and Colour and as part of Alexisonfire). No where else would he get so much recognition. Just cause he's probably too indie and not pop enough. So love that he actually gets played on Top 40 here.

I also didn't realize he MARRIED Leah Miller (host of So You Think You Can Dance Canada). I don't know how I feel about that (you know, cause it SOOO matters what I think).

I've also mentioned this in past Juno commentaries but Michael Bublé is very funny. His banter with Russell Peter's was precious, and when he took Peter's most famous comedy bit ("Somebody Gonna Get A Hurt Real Bad") and turned it back against him.

I love that Montreal band Simple Plan is big in the States. Cause I think they're bigger there than here. I love that someone named Pierre leads the band that is so big in the States. I don't know why but that amuses me (apparently it doesn't take much). I have to admit, I like their new song "Save You", even though ALL their songs are SOOO simple (uh, hence their band name?) and kinda sound the same.

So the big winner seemed to be Nickelback. Again. Groan if you want to. We all kind of do too. Yet SOMEONE is buying all their albums in both Canada and the States. Though I will confess, I actually liked their recent single "Gotta Be Somebody". Also, I've ALWAYD though Ryan Peake was hot (not that lead singer guy, oh please no, no, the lead guitarist).

Still, I think I preferred when Feist or Nelly Furtado sweeped. Usually it's whoever wows them in the states that wins big here. That's the general rule.

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