Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kyle Riabko Follows The Limelight Away From His Spring Awakening

ACK. Just as the tour of Spring Awakening is about to open in Toronto next week (starting on Tuesday March 17th thru April 19th), Canadian lead Kyle Riabko (Instant Star) is apparently leaving the show right away to go film Limelight, the new ABC pilot from McG (The OC) and Pharrell Williams, and written by Gossip Girl's K.J. Steinberg in a SECOND show this year that is a musical drama, this one set in a New York City performing arts high school (like Fame, which incidentally is being re-made for the movies to open later this fall).

I mean, this is great for Kyle Riabko, but sucks for me. I have tickets for next week. BAH! I was so looking forward to seeing Kyle as Melchior. I was hearing such great things. Plus, I guess it makes his long awaited documentary Kyle Riabko: The Lead irrelevant now, as it finally airs on Sunday, March 15th at 8pm on BravoCanada. "The Prairies meet Broadway when a young Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist from Saskatchewan takes Broadway by storm" "Airing just days before Kyle takes the stage in the Canadian theatre debut of Spring Awakening in Toronto". Oops. Not anymore.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Thanks to Keira for the news, she caught this from Matt Doyle's blog (and one of the few actors blogs that I enjoy following, though Keira caught the news first). As in, my ADORABLE MATT DOYLE who I have LOVED since I saw him in the original Broadway cast of Spring Awakening, and since has become Eric's boyfriend on Gossip Girl. He's COMING TO TORONTO to replace Kyle! Love you Kyle but THIS IS THE BEST FREAKING NEWS EVER!. And it seems Kyle will only be gone until April 12th, which means he will be back for the final week? Maybe!? Then I'll get to see him too!?? (I have tickets that week too. In fact, I'll be there a LOT so if you see me, feel free to say hi!)

I'm actually really pissed off. UPDATE I WAS really pissed off but now all is good again!

Though I guess Matt Shingledecker is taking over as Melchior now? He was great when I saw him on Broadway (though not as Melchior). UPDATE I guess not.

At this point, I thought I was going to see the three main Melchiors (original Jonathan Groff, replacement and tour Riabko, eventual replacement and closing night Melchior Hunter Parrish) but alas, I won't get that chance because fame has taken Riabko away.

Still, it's a nice big step up from Instant Star.

He leaves his girlfriend and fellow Canadian (and uh, ironically from Canadian Idol, the show that Instant Star mocked) Steffi D. (Ilse) in the show.

At least Blake Bashoff (Lost) is still in the show.

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Linz McC said...


Laura said...

Best friend surprised me with tickets to the SA tour the night before I left to study abroad - I was lucky enough to see Kyle AND Blake, and while I don't mean to rub it in your face, Kyle was absolutely brilliant. I'm excited to read your review of the tour, though!

Esther said...

Count me bummed, too! I guess his contract had an escape clause. I just bought my ticket for the tour, which is coming near me in late April, and I'd heard such great things about the cast. Oh well. I'm still looking forward to it. I loved the show on Broadway.

Vance said...

Laura: AHK! Very jealous! (And of your travels. FIJI!??? Lucky duck! And Please enjoy the Aussie men for me!)

Esther: Spring Awakening actually goes straight from Toronto to RI. Guess I'll let you know who takes Kyle's place.

Bummer too cause I thought I was going to finally meet him at the after party on opening night (I'm on the list!).

Keira Andrews said...

Well, turn that frown upside down, because Matt Doyle is coming to Toronto to be Melchior!

I assume Kyle will be back after the 12th, so there is a chance to see him, which is awesome. I'm over the moon that I'll get to see Matt Doyle's Melchior a few more times, too! He was absolutely brilliant when I saw him do the role on Broadway.

Vance said...


Boy that just turned my Spring around!!!





Keira Andrews said...


I was literally jumping and down for joy and squealing like a leetle girl when I found out this morning. It's a good thing I'm working from home today!

I'm so, SO happy to be seeing Matt's Melchi again. I do hope I'll see Kyle at the end of the run, but in the meantime, YAY!

I guess they can't use Matt S. as an understudy for a month because that will leave them short of swings if a couple people are ill. Whatever the reasoning, anything that brings Matt Doyle to TO is fine by me!

Vance said...

Seriously. Now I'm like. Maybe I should get even MORE tickets.

Esther said...

Wait, this is happening so fast. Should I be un-bummed now?! And that's way cool that I'll be seeing it right after you!

meidashling said...

Have any idea how this documentary can be watched in the US? The site won't even let me watch the clip.

Vance said...

meidashling: hmm... no idea but if I find out more I'll post it here in the comments... though ... ahem... cdns are pretty good at... ahem... putting it on the web... if you know what I mean...

meidashling said...

as long as i see it i'll be happy.. that 40 second clip on is such a tease for those who can't see it. but thank you.. if it does show up on the internet somewhere...let me know :)

Pun said...

Hi, I'm the blogmaster for the Spring Awakening tour blog:

For all you guys that are bummed, don't worry. Matt's Melchoir will blow you away! There is a video of him talking about taking over the tour on our blog.

And yes, we didn't want to announce it officially because pilot tapings have a tendency to go over and don't want to create false expectations, but there is a high likelihood that Kyle will be back for our final week in Toronto.
Stay tuned to the blog for details.

And thank you to the blogmaster of Tapeworthy for your continued support of Spring Awakening since the Broadway days. I've read your posts for a while but havn't commented till now. You're doing an amazing job.

See you all in Toronto!! Tell all your friends!