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Love Is Hard - Bones, Survivor: Tocantins, American Idol

Bones - The Doctor in the Den, The Science in the Physicist, The Cinderella in the Cardboard, The Mayhem on a Cross, The Double Death of the Dearly Departed, The Girl in the Mask - Eps. 418-423

Sweets in full makeup and goth rock gear? The continuing rotation of my favorite newbies Wendell Bray (Michael Terry), Dr. Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd) and Nigel-Murray (Ryan Cartwright)? Plus Daisy (Carla Gallo) still in the picture and making Sweets really horny? Angela's on-going chastity discovery post-lesbian breakup and the sparks that continue to fly between her and Hodgins? Stephen Fry!?!

Seriously, when is this show going to finally get the respect it deserves!?? At least the numbers seem to be doing better, as the show actually has decent numbers in the Thursday slot, though why Fox seems to be placing the show EVERYWHERE as though they were burning them off, I don't know, since I've felt like I've been doing a Bones marathon for the past few weeks, but I'll take it. I just need to remind myself never to eat dinner while watching the show (which somehow, I ALWAYS do).

And to think I haven't even gotten to the Bones and Booth sparks yet? Love all their couply bickering and loved when Bones couldn't comprehend the whole marriage thing.

I also enjoyed delving more emotionally into Cam's life for once, as we saw some of her past come out when her former lover died. I hope we see more of the girl/surrogate daughter she took in.

And I think I almost spit out something when that frozen turkey bounced back up to hit Angela in the face, instead of shattering like Hodgins thought it would.

Stealing the dead corpse from the funeral was a nice twist on things, where usually the bodies are so horribly mutilated, that one wonders how this show is also one of the most romantic shows on TV.

And as an Asian, I should probably be totally offended by the Japanese scientist storyline. Not the whole killing, but the person whose sex the squints cannot figure out. Hysterical. Because it's so true. And has happened to me SOOO many times at bubble tea places.

Survivor: Tocantins - The First Fifteen Days, One of Those Coach Moments, The Dragon Slayer - Eps. 1809-1810

Okay, I'm sad to see my future husband Brendan get voted out (though apparently I don't have to worry, he's still rich, co-founder of Bear Naked). He was my last hope on the game.

I'd crush on J.T. but he's allied with Coach so that just won't do. Plus I have no idea what he's saying most of the time. (As opposed to Coach, whose words I understand but still have no idea what he's saying most of the time).

So how awesome was this week's blindside? I know the term now has been way overused this season, but with Sierra being the poor little hurt rabbit being devoured by the other vultures (not that I love her or anything but seriously, easy pickin's), it was all the more satisfying when Tyson slowly realized he was actually in trouble after he kept badgering Sierra and after his name kept popping up alongside Sierra's at tribal council.

BOOYA! Get your scrawny naked ass outta there and sit it next to Brendan's! Loved Brendan's reaction!

Okay, so at this point, I'm kinda hoping Stephen actually wins it. He amuses me. Plus, I don't know if I want anybody else to win at this point.

Debra has me loving her one moment, hating her the next. Taj would probably be next closest but more because she hasn't pissed me off, rather than actually having me root for her. Sierra no. Coach HELL NO. J.T.? he's cute y'all but he's become gross by Coach association. Erinn? I keep forgetting she's even on this show until this episode.

American Idol - Top 7 Redux - Results Night - The Cut from 7 to 5

I guessed Lil Rounds 4 weeks in a row. FOUR WEEKS. And she's even one of my pool picks. FOUR WEEKS. FINALLY!!! Later not-the-diva-we-thought-you-would-be-except-only-in-'tude.

And Anoop. ANOOOOOOP. See ya. I kinda liked you. I kinda liked laughing at you. I so wanted you to become so much more but alas, you rarely achieved that (as opposed to Lil who never achieved that so you're still ahead).

You had a nice smoldering voice. Still, I wouldn't quit your day job. Oh. Too late.

On the other hand, how cute was David Archuleta? Seriously, is he 18 yet? Love that he still sounds nervously jumbled when he talks. He's better at the PR machine but there's still something refreshingly boyish in his answers (basically because he's still one).

As for his female counterpart this year, Allison's showing in the bottom 3? Shame. Shame on you America. I had a bad feeling but I put my hopes in you and wrote down Matt Giraud. You didn't fail be last November but you failed me here. Shame.

I don't even know if you deserve this (but for my sake, I need to put a smile on my face, because yes, that is a disco stick in my pants):

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