Saturday, April 18, 2009

Earth Is Quite Hot

Earth Day is this Wednesday April 22nd. For my little part (on top of everything else we should be doing in our daily lives), I'll be helping out with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) CN Tower Climb early this morning (and getting up at an ungodly hour to do so, and since I'm not a morning person, that alone is a huge charitable act on my part). I won't actually be climbing this year (I'll be controlling the masses apparently) up those 1776 steps to the top, but kudos to all that do. It's quite the stairmaster workout (It takes avg. 20-45 min. to get up, though apparently the record is like 7min. or so. I did it in just under 30 min the times I've done it before, though I'm technically more fit now, yet older, so I wonder how I would do?).

Meanwhile, Paul Rudd is looking his usual adorably dashing self being Earth Father on Sesame Street. Earth is looking really hot these days.


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