Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What the F#*k? Why aren't you watching Chuck?

So as elated as I am about the two season pick up for the critically lauded and ratings deprived Friday Night Lights, why hasn't NBC picked up Chuck (also critically lauded and ratings deprived) for its third season yet? Seriously? Meanwhile they have time to bully the Boston affiliate and force them to show Leno 5 times a week? And they don't have time to renew the awesomeness of Chuck yet?

Sarah: Chuck? Why haven't we been renewed yet?
Chuck: I don't know. You're hot. I'm super nerdy cute. And I'm terribly funny. And you look awesome kicking spy ass. What's not to love?

Seriously, what the f#$k is going on? Okay, I understand the low ratings for Friday Night Lights. It's sometimes a bit too real and painful to watch, but Chuck is both fun and fast, a combo of comedy and action but that isn't dumbed down (oh wait, is that the problem?). Think Alias but less dark and broody. So why aren't you all watching? Why are ratings so low?

It's so awesome it even has a character named Captain Awesome! (yes, he's shirtless below. You're welcome girls and gays! Yes, this show is for you too, despite all the kick ass action sequences, spy techno mumbo jumbo and Yvonne Strahovski (above with Zachary Levi's Chuck))

Fellow TV blogger GMMR is running a weeklong Chuck Vs. The Network Pickup campaign so spread the Chuck love and check out what you're missing!

Other bloggers will all be chiming in with their love but I don't want to make the show some kind of cult show that only chronic TV watchers will like (so as much as I love Whedon shows, I know it's not for everyone). But CHUCK IS. It's the perfect blend of so many genres and it's light and fun yet done in such a smart and clever way that I don't understand why no one watches it? Unless it's from fear of forgetting to switch networks and getting caught at looking at Heroes, which may now be hazardous to your health.

But Chuck is set up that while it definitely rewards those that have stuck to it from the start, it isn't necessary to have watched it from the start and you can easily get the gist of it all and still enjoy the fun! So catch up online, and then join next Monday at 8pm on NBC/CITY.

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