Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Best Duos

Scooter rounded up some of the TV bloggers for a Best Duos on TV list (as a sequel to last years Best Character list). It could be any duo from any show with new episodes since last June 2008. Just any duo that sparks up the screen, whether it be friends, enemies, lovers, family, anything. And if looking back at last year's single character list and this years duo list, it's that we bloggers really do love our Friday Night Lights. Plus, the buzz on The Big Bang Theory is really picking up this year.

Here was the compiled list of the Top 25 Favorite Duos, along with my own Top 10 picks that I submitted at the end of the post:

1. Coach Eric and Tammy Taylor (Friday Night Lights)
2. Liz Lemon and Jack Donagy (30 Rock)
3. Sheldon Cooper Ph.D. and Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
4. Jim Halpert and Dwight Shrute (The Office)
5. Patty Hewes and Ellen Parsons (Damages)
6. Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth (Bones)
7. Emerson Cod and Olive Snook (Pushing Daisies)
8. Blair Waldolf and Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)
9. Shawn Spencer and Burton “Gus” Guster (Psych)
10. Chuck Bartowski and Special Agent Sarah Walker (Chuck)
11. Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
12. Marc St. James and Amanda Tannen (Ugly Betty)
13. Barney Stinson and Ted Mosbey (How I Met Your Mother)
14. Bill Adama and Laura Roslin (Battlestar Gallactica)
15. Landry Clark and Tyra Colette (Friday Night Lights)
16. Ben Linus and John Locke (Lost)
17. John “J.D.” Dorian M.D. and Dr. Christopher Turk (Scrubs)
18. Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton (True Blood)
19. Jeff Patel and Lester Barnes aka Jeffster (Chuck)
20. James “Sawyer” Ford and Juliet Burke (Lost)
21. Homer and Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)
22. Bill Adma and Saul Tigh (Battestar Galactica)
23. Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell (Legend of the Seeker)
24. Earl and Randy Hickey (My Name Is Earl)
25. Michael Westen and Fiona Glenanne (Burn Notice)

Submitted by Voters: Dan, Ducky, Kath, Matt, Sandie, Scooter McGavin, TVFan, Vance

And here's my list that I submitted, though I must say now that I've seen the results, I'm so ashamed of myself for completely forgetting about Pushing Daisies. I also had a few on my list that I was highly considering but at the last moment, switched off for other picks.

1. Tami and Coach Eric Taylor - Friday Night Lights
2. Ben and Locke - Lost
3. Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy - 30 Rock
4. Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass - Gossip Girl
5. Penny and Sheldon - The Big Bang Theory
6. Bones and Booth - Bones
7. Tyra and Landry - Friday Night Lights
8. Amanda and Marc - Ugly Betty
9. Dean and Sam Winchester - Supernatural
10. Megan Smith and Charlie Hogan - Privileged

I had also highly considered: Marshall and Barney (How I Met Your Mother), Michael Westen and Fiona (Burn Notice), Sawyer and Juliet (Lost), Cappie and Casey (Greek), Chuck and Sarah (Chuck), really any pairing on Friday Night Lights would have worked, and I seriously had to withold myself in picking a top 10 solely from this show alone.

And I should have also considered: Earl and Randy (My Name Is Earl), Any pairing from Pushing Daisies.

I also considered those from The Office but deemed it worked best in ensemble moments (and I got irritated by Michael and Dwight this season, which was my initial duo to pick)

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com

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Karen said...

Great list! Coach and Principal Taylor are electric on FNL. They totally command the show in a sweet yet stern way.


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