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So You Think You Can Dance - Just Dance

So You Think You Can Dance - Auditions - New York City, Denver - Ep. 501 - Season 5 Premiere

Boy, FOX sure doesn't give us any rest between the end of American Idol and the start of SYTYCD do they? I mean, people still aren't finished their rants on last nights finale. But let's be like Adam and Kris and be friends and move on! (Seriously, how cute have the two of them been in the post-finale interviews?)

So now instead of Adam screaming, we get Mary Murphy's scream! WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Okay, so I'm still exhausted from Idol so I'm not quite ready for the Mary scream yet, nor am I really ready to endure another set of auditions, but cause it's SYTYCD, I'll stick it out, even though I have no interest in seeing the bad auditions anymore. I mean, this show doesn't get AMAZING until they start pairing up the Top 20 and introducing new choreography. That's when it gets GOOD!!!

Thank goodness for Tabitha and Napoleon who joins the judging panel again for auditions in New York City! Man, I love them. Why can't they find judges that are as cool and articulate as those two on Idol? THIS shows you that you CAN have four judges and make it work.

So, because I'm lazy right now, I'm blogging only any notable auditions, and I'm watching this on the TV without rewind capabilities, so between the editing and intros, I'm taking a gander on noting names that I expect will be good, and I must say, I think I'm getting so intuned with the editing that I was pretty much right on every audition. I ignored the bad ones, and noted most of the good ones (though I still missed some of the info, so apologies, cause this year I don't think I'll be able to keep up as much, there's wikipedia for that).

Anyways, let's get dancing! Here's some dancers to watch for, that may have some possible chances:
New York City
Guest Judges: Napoleon and Tabitah D'Umo

Gabi Rojas, 24, Albuequerque, NM
Kinda like a female Mark K. Quirky and modern and weird but really neat and wonderful. Plus she's really stretchy. Gets an automatic ticket to Vegas.

Peter Sabasino, Philadelphia, PA
Italian Tap Dog! Looks like a boxer, dances with pizazz. Plus, there's clips of him eating spaghetti with his family. Cute!

Tiffany Geigel, 23, Brooklyn, NY
Born with a spinal cord injury, she never got to grow properly to full size. It's one of those heartbreaking stories where usually you cringe because there's really no chance of them going on. I thought she did well, but sadly, Nigel tells her she has no chance of going on.

Maksim Kapitannikov (or something like that)
Dances with Fayina from a previous season. There's something very straight laced about him, like he's an accountant or something, breaking beyond the suit and secretly knowing how to dance really well (so like the plot of Shall We Dance I guess) and while I didn't think it was amazing, I liked Maksim.

Then montage of good dancers that we don't really get to see. Which is the part that annoys me about these auditions. I mean, it's not like they have time to show every good one, but then don't waste our time with really bad embarrassing auditions. Luckily so far it's been kept to a minimum.

Nabuya (?), the locker from Tokyo managed to surprise me and was not the disaster they built him up to be. In fact, he makes it to Vegas.

Lauren Gottlieb (who apparently was seen in the Glee premiere, is this years choreographer for the choreography section.

Arielle Taylor, 20, NJ
She made it to vegas a few years ago when she was still in high school but needed to grow more, and maybe it's because she had a great smile or she picked a nice song, but she seemed wonderful in her contemporary routine (even though I thought it ended weak partially because Nigel stopped her halfway through the next move). I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her. Even the editing for her points to it.

Igor Zabronin, 23, and Nina in the yellow dress with the yellow flower whose name I missed.
Whoa, he spins her like she was a top. It was almost kinda scary. Luckily the pair seem super cute. Dizzying, but adorable. Too bad only Igor makes it to Vegas.

Kellen Stancil, 23, New York City, NY
Umbrella man with strong looking legs. To a Rascal Flatts song. Seems part ballet almost in his contemporary routine. Definitely one to watch out for. Really really strong body but very smooth.

Chimezie Nwosu, 20
Between the clangy parking music, I thought it was really really cool. It was hip hop but somehow more lyrical.

Denver Auditions:
Guest judge: Sonya Tayeh

Or can't Idol ever find judges like Sonya? So cool! Like a BILLION times cooler than Kara. Is it also because these judges have to work with the contestants and choreograph them? Whereas the Idol

Kayla Randonski to "Blackbird"
I didn't like this super blonde pixie stick at first but then within her short audition, I really got to like her. She was like a weird bird.

Misha Belfer (above left), 26, Denver, CO and Mitchel Kobel (above right), 26, Denver, CO
2 guys ballroom dancing. Mitch (who is super cute and pretty . of course) is straight (uh. okay. sure). Misha is the gay one. Well that's a nice way to subvert stereotypes! You go boys! Too bad they make a huge spill. And too bad their costumes are so flaming (like literally, what's with the blue flame). Nigel basically spills some thinly veiled (actually, not even that thinly) homophobic barb against the dance, but leave it to Sonya to actually intellectualize Nigel's reservations and makes the point somewhat valid. They move on to choreography but not Vegas. UPDATE It's even worse than I thought. I was giving the judges too much credit. Nigel. Tsk tsk. I get what he's trying to say, and I'm still undecided about my own response.

Elias Holloway and his brother Enik (?)
The 2 youngest of 14 kids? Elias was definitely handsome and hot (and definitely getting the gay vibe there), and it's got to do a number on you being kid 13 out of 14, but I was kinda expecting disaster.
Except he was actually pretty good. They both were. At least until they did their strip tease which was a bit awkward. (Especially since I was kinda getting the gay vibe from both brothers and I had bad bad thoughts in my mind). Sadly he doesn't make it through choreography.

Brandon Bryant, 19, Miami, FL, and Natalie Reid, 23, Seattle, WA
Gev and Katie got the last spots last year leaving Natalie and Brandon behind.
Natalie came so close last year (above), and I really liked her, AND she stood up for her roomate Katie who ended up taking the final spot (and becoming my eventual favorite after having a lot of catching up to do). Now it'll probably be Natalie's chance FINALLY, and deservedly so! Sonya totally agrees.

Brandon lost the last spot to Gev last year (audition photo from last year above), and as amazing as Brandon was, I loved Gev more. But, just to remind us that he's here to dance (and not to count him out), his audition was pretty grand (helped by some grand operatic music) and he's really REALLY strong. Plus he's seemed to have toned down the cockiness that I think did him in last year. He's IN. For SURE.

Next week: More auditions in Miami, FL and Memphis, TN on Wednesday, May 27th 2009

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