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Once On This Island - Lost, Survivor: Tocantins and More

Wow, it's been a while since I talked about Lost or other dramas. Not that I have much new to add to Lost because I have no fricken clue what is happening on that island. Not that I have any idea what the others are thinking on Tocantins either (granted, not really an island actually this time but you get my drift), since they just voted off the easy swing vote they could have latched onto. What the?

Lost - Whatever Happened, Happened, Dead is Dead, Some Like It Hoth, The Variable - Eps. 511- 514

Again, I've given up trying to make sense of any of this, nor can I even gather any thoughtful or intelligent recap. About all I can come up with is: WOW. WHOA. WHAT? OMG. AWESOME.

But did they just basically explain the whole show this week, when Daniel Faraday is Eloise's son, who 30 years ago, shoots him dead? And did Charles Widmore mean that Daniel is his son too? Is that what he implied? Does that make Penny Danie's sister?

Loving this new in-charge Sawyer and the dynamics between him, Jack, Kate and Juliet. Love Hurley's funny quips, and love all the human drama behind the mobius strip timeline. And is it me or does Miles being Dr. Marvin's son seem funny?

More on Survivor: Tocantins, The Unusuals, Southland, 90210, Gossip Girl, American Idol:

The Unusuals - Boorland Day, One Man Band, Crime Slut, 42 - Eps. 102-105
Southland - Mozambique, See A Woman, Two Gangs - Eps. 102-104

Okay, still really enjoying both of the new cop shows. The Unusuals has just enough kookiness but goes dark, dramatic and emotional just enough to make it heartfelt and relevant. Plus I'm LOVING Amber Tamblyn (and remember, I did NOT care for Joan of Arcadia) and Jeremy Renner. Plus I'm enjoying the slow reveals of all the characters, including sweet religious Cole's dark past (Josh Close above).

Southland still needs to tie in itself more somehow. I like all the meandering storylines and the many many characters but after 4 episodes, the episodes seem great but as a whole, doesn't feel like one yet? You know?

Still, it's Ben McKenzie! And a great ensemble cast. And great camera work and intriguing stories. They just need to start tying it all in a bit more to make us really start caring. At this point, it's just shocks and moments.

Also, is the fact that Patrick Fischler and L Scott Caldwell have re-occurring guest roles on this give us any more clues to Lost?!?!

90210 - A Blast From the Past, Off the Rails, Close Enough, Sour Sweetin' Clams - Eps. 118-121
Gossip Girl - Remains of the J, Seder Anything, Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Eps. 220-222

Seems like 90210 is taking a page from Gossip Girl and dirtying things up. Which has totally made things way more interesting, even if it makes no sense. Characters have completely changed for no reason. Silver went from most likable character to most annoying crazy dark bi-polar chick? Naomi is crazy lustful after Matt Lanter's Liam? Okay, that I can understand.

Departing Dustin Milligan's Ethan is going all bad boy, thanks to Liam and realizing he's a pushover? Uh, sure.

But with all that, why hasn't Annie changed? And why do Annie and Dixon still look like deer-in-headlights?

At least Donna Martin is back. Not like I was awaiting Tori Spelling's return, but there's something very drag queen that I love about her, and I have to admit, I watched a bit of her reality show when she was camped out in some middle class suburban neighbourhood park (that looked a lot like where I grew up in North York), and the whole thing sort of fascinated me. Here was the spawn of the Spelling dynasty, in a typical park where... godforsake, real people might bring their kids to. Love it!

Speaking of real, those crazy folks on Gossip Girl continues to swap partners, enemies, frenemies and friends faster than you can call Kristen Bell to narrate (is it me or has she narrated less recently, I miss her tangy voice). As a bonus, my favorite Spring Awakening Melchior Matt Doyle was back for a glimpse of a moment as Eric's bf Jonathan, but there's a new blonde guy Gabriel (Armie Hammer, seriously? That's his real name? Sounds more like a soap name or porn name) in town and he's there to screw over Serena and everyone else. Oh Rufus Rufus Rufus. WHY?

So is Chuck and Nate no longer friends? (And does Chace Crawford moving out on Ed Westwick mean anything in real life too?)

And why has Dan become such a tool? I used to love him. I still do, but SNAP OUT OF IT AND GROW A SPINE. Okay Okay, I know it's just an early set up so that oops... you'll have to go to university in New York next year... oh... how convenient...but still. And can someone smack Jenny's makeup and 80's hairdo off her so that we could return back to the old younger innocent J?

Survivor: Tocantins - They Both Went Banana - Ep. 1811

I wonder if they (the nasties) are watching these episodes now and realizing Sierra just tells the truth, no holds barred? Not that I love her or anything but what's with all the nastiness against her? She just told it like it is, but they all seemed to have such hangups about her (reinforced with that popularity poll reward-challenge Jeff conducted), that they ignored that they had a sitting swing vote in front of their face, and instead, decided to vote her out while keeping Coach, or Debbie, or heck, JT (even though at this point, I sort of want him or Stephen to win but you would think they would want to be strategic about all this?).

American Idol - Top 5 - Results Night - The Cut from 5 to 4

Apparently it was the most shocking and suspenseful results night this season and of course I missed it (I was too busy watching Lost and I messed up something so it didn't tape. Oh well, alas, I saw enough during the Lost commercial breaks to get the gist, as we finally got that episode when Ryan splits the gang in two leaving the odd man out (this year, Adam Lambert, no puns intended) to choose which group he's to belong to. And since he would round out the three, it actually meant he was in the bottom three no matter what, and he was in fact, choosing his other fellow bottoms (again, no pun intended, though I SO wish that were true with Kris Allen).

Alas, Allison was safe!!! YAY! I was SO SURE she would be in danger. So much for what I know! Adam and Kris were in the bottom three. Which means, Danny is safe. Again. Damnit. And I admit, I thought he was alright this week, but he really needs to (as EW's Kristen Baldwin keeps saying) put the Go in Gokey!

As for Adam's bottom two results? HA! I did not think his performance this week was great, and the worst of the 5, so despite his frontrunning status, I'm glad he got knocked down a peg.

As for Kris's bottom three results, well, I'm shaking my head but I know he'll come out with the best album after this competition anyways that it doesn't really matter anymore. Still, I'll definitely give him a hug to console him. (!!!)

Anyways, this is how the Top 3 better look:

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Scooter McGavin said...

Yes they did mean Widmore is Faraday's father (and in a show with so many mommy/daddy issues, Dan shot to the top of that list with this episode) which would at the very least make him Penny's half sister (could they be twins with one parent gettine one each?). Though if Eloise was an Other (and possibly exiled the same time as Charles) why would she help Ben get back?

I never understood the hatred for Sierra either. Two episodes ago JT mad an off hand comment about hating her, but they never explained where that came from. But I hope Probst calls out Coach at the reunion for lying here. And this was a very strange vote, why did Taj vote for Debbie and not Sierra. If Taj now out of the loop now?