Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pushing Daisies, Back From The Dead, Just Before It's Going To Die Again

I'm not sure what Pushing Daisies ever do to the ABC network execs but they're getting punished and banished forever starting tonight (May 30th 2009), when it returns at 10pm for the final 3 episodes over the next 3 Saturdays.

Olive? I know! So Shocking! And you so don't deserve that kind of treatment, especially after bringing such technicolor whimsy into our lives. And you Kristen Chenowith, were even able to bring song and a particular brand of perkiness/snark onto our television screens and make it LOVABLE.

And now we get no more. And your new pilot Legally Mad wasn't even picked up. A sad time it is. (Maybe you'll have time to go back to Broadway? At least you'll guest on Glee! Maybe it could be permanent?). Still, sad time it is for Pushing Daisies.

I know Emerson. I know Ned. Such undeserved treatment, especially since you guys were doing so well pre-writer's strike. Then ABC held you back and off the schedule for almost 9 months (if not more).

And here you two are, playing detectives despite death, and making it fun and funny? And for once, Chi McBride, you weren't annoying. In fact, your dry condescension WORKED for Emerson here, and helped counteract the candy coated colours on the sets.

I know Chuck, such sadness. It's okay, you have a big movie coming out. It looks stupid, cause you know, it's Will Farrell and it's Land of the Lost but at least you're getting roles. Including Breakfast at Tiffany's in the West End.

And of Aunts Lily and Vivian. You don't have to put on a brave face. You were both iconic actresses before, and you'll remain so.

The final 3 episodes of the series Windows Dressed To Kill, Water and Power and Kerplunk airs from tonight through June 13th. They never even really get a chance to wrap up the series. At least the S2 DVD's will come out this summer.

On a final note, in some weird cosmic reminder that only I would manage to link it as a reminder to Pushing Daisies (because that's how my mind works), I bumped into Tyron Leitso at a bar last night. And yes, he's as yummy in person as he is on TV. More. Tyron Leitso always looked like he could be Lee Pace's brother. Plus both Leitso and Pace co-starred in Bryan Fuller's pre-Pushing Daisies series Wonderfalls. Yes, that's really how my mind works. I'm like a Six Degrees In IMDB game at ALL times.

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Okay, I think he's stalking me now. Saw Tyron Leitso at the cinemas on Sat night now.

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Of all the people who could be stalking you, I think Tyron Leitso is the best option.