Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh! My! GAWD! TV Night At Its Best! - Lost and American Idol

Lost - Follow The Leader, The Incident Parts 1 and 2 - Eps. 515-517
American Idol - Top 3 - Results Night - The Cut from 3 to the Final 2

Any spoilers will be after the jump... but seriously, I don't even think I could spoil Lost since there's NO WAY I COULD EVEN EXPLAIN WHAT THE F#$K WAS GOING ON.

But it was AWESOME!!!

CONFUSED BUT AWESOME!!! I loved that everything was sort of coming together (or so it seems) and that we seem lots of past moments from other angles again (or so it seems).

All that and all the emotions? Okay, I need to talk more after the jump. (Blog jump, not Lost time jump, but that too)

Okay, I think my face contorted to every possible dramatic reaction an actor must do in drama class when Juliet was being sucked into the hole as Sawyer and Kate tried to save her. Then I did about 50 MORE faces when she's seen alive at the bottom.

And I KNEW they were going to head there the whole time. That Jack was going to continue Faraday's mission and bring the bomb to the Swan/energy/whatevertheheckitis and restart the whole premise...

Or does it?

I imagine now, the first scene of the first episode of the last season will repeat Jack opening up his eyes on the island and that they may have restarted it all, but somehow they'll STILL end up on the island. No?

And there will be guest appearances from Shannon, and Boone, and Walt (uh, though not sure how they're going to do that one) and Claire etc. etc. etc. How awesome would that be in the last season!???

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Since we don't even know what Juliet DID in the end... cause they ended THERE??? WHAT??? I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL 2010 TO SEE WHAT'S NEXT???


While it wasn't as shocking as I had heard (mainly because I thought, what's the most shocking they could do? Start ALL OVER again...wait... I think they ARE going to do that) so I knew we'd see that white light. I WAS however hoping we'd also see them all at LAX again.

But whatever, it was a GREAT season finale with more awesome quips from Hurley and Miles, touching moments between Miles and his dad, TONS between Juliet and Sawyer, Kate and Jack, reliving Locke's death scenes, Rose and Bernard!, and of course, the fact that Jacob seems to be EVERYWHERE. Plus the fact that Richard and Ben and Eloise actually know a lot less than I thought they do.

But seriously, 2010??? Oh man, it's going to be a LONG WAIT. My heart is STILL beating.
It's less of a shocking finale like Season 3's but I definitely can't wait until the next new episode.

And on American Idol. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

Go(off)key is GONE! (Why did I not hear of that term before? So awesome whoever on the net I saw it from. Ditto with KaraGokey). America put the Go in GOKEY!!!

AND even BETTER NEWS... that means KRIS ALLEN is in the FINALS!!!


Let the war between Glambert fans face off against Kris fans, who seems to be FINALLY gaining the momentum and the respect he deserves. Before we were united in putting the Go in Gokey, but now, it's WAR!!! And hey, when it came down to the Top 13, I narrowed my pool pick choice between Adam and Kris, and mainly went with Adam because I felt the producers would give him the pimp spot more (which gets more points) and I was totally right. My heart went with Kris, though for points, I had to go with Adam.

Okay, so I'm not a fan of Adam's screaming but I get that he's entertaining and SOOOO different (if the 70's/80's rockglam is "different") and while I still think he's an ACT and an ENTERTAINER as opposed to an Idol or a singer I want to hear on the radio, I'm going to be okay with Adam winning. (Though why do I have a feeling more Kris fans can endure Adam winning but Adam fans would have none of Kris winning and scream bloody foul if Kris actually pulled it off? (which still is possible you know!)). When Kris performs, it feels genuine. When Adam sings, it's staged. And I'm not even talking musicals or what not, because I've seen some REAL performances on stage. Still, someone on the boards said it best, Kris is saffron, subtle and distinct and aromatic, and Adam is cayenne pepper, bold and spicy and loud.

Adam winning puts less pressure on Kris, and he gets to keep his underdog low-key vibe that suits him well. Plus, when his album becomes a HUGE hit, it's the only victory I'll need to see. (Well, that and a LOT of his face (thanks to DameJames for the hilarious link)). More here.

Still, I was loving the day long respect Kris was finally given after "Heartless" and that people finally see what I've been saying all along. Uh, HELLO. He's AWESOME. He has been ALL ALONG. I don't know why Adam is getting all the attention?

Have you HEARD Kris do "It Works Hard For The Money"? "Falling Slowly"? "To Make You Feel My Love"? "Ain't No Sunshine"?

Seriously, I'd buy his album if it came out this Friday. I WILL buy his album when it comes out. It's gonna be AWESOME!

In the meantime, let's relive the brilliancy of Kris Allen!!!:

"Heartless" (Top 3 Week):

"Come Together" (Top 4 Week):

"The Way You Look Tonight" (Top 5 Week):

"She Works Hard For The Money" (Top 6 Week):

"Falling Slowly" (Top 7 Week):

"Ain't No Sunshine" (Top 9 Week):

"How Sweet It Is" (Top 10 Week):

"To Make You Feel My Love" (Top 11 Week):

"Remember The Time" (Top 13 Week):

"Man in the Mirror" (Top 36):

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Esther said...

Oh wow, I totally agree with you about Lost. I'm just a simple girl and the longer the series goes, the more confused I get. But the finale was pretty awesome to watch.

Esther said...

OTOH, I am not now nor have I ever been a fan of American Idol. Sorry.