Friday, May 08, 2009

Degrassi Summer School

A new trailer is out for this summer's Degrassi Goes Hollywood, a special TV movie that technically ends off the 8th season (spoilers below if you didn't see the season finale) that will be shown on The N this August! CTV has yet to set a date.

And yes, there's a musical element! Of course! You know they couldn't wait to spoof the whole high school musical thing!??

Now if only they wouldn't have gotten he-who-shall-not-be-blogged in a cameo.

But let's forgive, since Marco's back (Adamo Ruggiero)! And Ellie (Stacy Farber)! And Paige (Lauren Collins)! And Craig (Jake Epstein)! And I guess Manny never left but she's off to LaLaland as well!

Here's the first teaser.

Degrassi: The Next Generation - Up Where We Belong, Danger Zone - Eps. 817-818 - Season Finale

THAT was the end of the season? Other than the Hollywood special? The intense episode ends THERE? ACK. I WANT MORE.

So first off, Barenaked Ladies Ed Robertson tutors Sav on music as he tries to rock the world. Blue (one of the new hotties on the show who I get confused with Kelly, or was that Riley, or was that... (oh wait, Riley's the gay one right? Him I definitely remember))

But really, the season finale (seriously? that's it for a re-invigorated season!?) continues with humanizing Holly J who was written as such a bitch, and convincingly portrayed by Charlotte Arnold, who was the COMPLETE opposite as Naturally, Sadie that you got to give her props for the 180.

And I liked that they teased of an almost eye-rolling fling between Spinner (who remember, still goes out with Jane) and Holly J (who is kinda maybe like, totally, maybe, kinda with Blue? I can't keep track anymore these days) but then did NOT go there. Thank god. But they did do another shooting (another shooting? Okay, it is in Toronto but the problem is not THAT bad is it? I still think we live in a pretty safe city despite the media frenzy). And it ended a great season that brought in a new batch of Degrassi kids (the adroable K.C., Alli, Clare and Connor) to continue on as the first batch starts moving on (apparently to Hollywood... see you in August!)

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