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Tapeworthy 2000

It's my 2000th post!!!

So in the 3 years and 3 months that it's taken me to write 2000 posts, I've watched a LOT of stuff (as you may have noticed), and while the blog has expanded from its initial TV talk and as I lost my co-blogger (she found a boyfriend, moved to New Zealand and lived happily ever after. Bitch! (You know I still love ya "highbrow")), I've carried on ranting and raving about all the shows I've loved.

Since I basically write this blog just to put out my Best of Lists, I thought I'd take a look back at the shows that made it to #1 on my Best of TV lists. I however only just realized that only 3 shows have gotten that coveted spot since 2005.

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So here are the most Tapeworthy shows that were #1 on my Best of Lists since I've started the blog (in order from oldest to newest, though if you follow my blog, they're kinda obvious):

Season 2 is FINALLY coming out June 16, 2009, 5 years after the first season DVD was released. You can watch on TheWB online in the states, or catch up on abcFamily. While the first season is a solid start, and the second season is enjoyable, it's really during the 3rd and the 4th and final season that Everwood becomes rock solid, and one of the best family dramas. And it topped my TV list during the end of its run, just as I had started this blog.

From the very first episode, and all through the first season, we were blown away as we got sucked into the lives of the surviving passengers of Oceanic 815. We discovered The Others in season 2, and while it may have gotten a little muddled around season 2 and 3, the third season finale made it all worth it and the show continued to confuse us and enthrall us during season 4. And of course, we just ended season 5, and I'm as confused as ever, and I cannot wait for more!!!

I'm still amazed this amazingly honest and heartbreaking show still manages to be on NBC after 3 seasons (with 2 more seasons to come!). Thanks to a DirecTV partnership, the brutally realistic lives of an average Texan town are laid bare for all of us to watch, as we become as emotionally connected with the characters as they would in the townsfolks themselves.

Here are noteworthy shows that I've loved, but that just missed the top spot through the years:

I never actually put this at the top of my list but it always came mightily close in its short 3 season run. And if I had my blog a year earlier, it probably would have landed on top with its stunning first season. The second season only got deeper and richer and I'm not sure why I didn't rank it higher, because repeat viewings have not soften the gritty and witty edges of this show.

Always a bridesmaid, the colourful show about death and life and life again never got the respect and time for growth it deserved, and had it ran longer, was probably going to top the list at some point, but alas, the show (which still has 3 episodes left to air on ABC starting later this spring, yet has aired everywhere else in the world) couldn't manage to stay alive to develop the twists and romantic turns on this mystery show.

There was a lot of brilliance in this reality-tv competition and while I couldn't get into the first season, the second season sucked me in and I've never let go. From the entertaining and informative judges, the variety of thrilling choreography, and the numerous lovable dancers to root for as they get put through the choreography grind, makes the show such a fun summer watch.

While the show has faltered and risen again, the show was a splendid, superbly taut and sublime comedy especially when they managed to make their own US version its own against an already cult British original (especially during seasons 2 and 3). It always came SOOO close to topping my chart.

And here are shows that topped my list in the recent years before this blog Tapeworthy was born:

Gilmore Girls

Like a heartwarming yet sarcastic feelgood play on TV every week, and the first 6 seasons was the smartest comfort food TV since the other GG girls (The Golden Girls) were on the air. I have all the DVD's and can still watch them anytime, and I still watch it whenever I see a repeat.

Sydney Bristow kicks ass and she had an amazing team behinds her. And some great friends in her real world as spy lives, daddy issues and the blur between the good guys and the bad are blended here in an exciting and twisted first 4 seasons. It ended out messily but lets just erase that from our minds and focus on the great stuff.

Aliens in high school but it was such an allegory for so much more, and between the emo music and the dreamy cast (I still dream of Jason Behr), the first season was beautifully written and emotionally enthralling. The following seasons lost track of its initial beauty and meaningful scripts but for the first season alone, it was all worth it.

Oh Phil! The travel porn show is always fun and exciting even during the bad seasons, but when it was great, especially when all of it was new and unknown, it was GREAT TELEVISION (especially the 2nd season).

And there are still many many many more that I haven't listed (Buffy! Arrested Development! Coupling (UK)!), some I'm still getting through (finally catching up with Dexter) but alas, that's why I've had 2000 posts to talk about them all and I'll continue to yammer away at more worthiness! Plus you can always check the sidebars including the DVDworthy section or the TVworthy sections and of course, the Tapeworthy sections for the best current shows worthy to be watched!

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Esther said...

Congratulations, Vance! What a milestone in the blogosphere. You're always readworthy. ;-)

Linz McC said...

Congrats on 2000 posts!! That is impressive stuff. I agree with most of your choices (and the ones I don't agree with are just because I haven't seen them (Roswell...)). Season 1 of Veronica Mars, when I finally watched it last year, rocked my world. Yeah, I said that... :(

I am also glad to hear you are finally watching Dexter. I'll be interested to know what you think.

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