Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gavin's Proud of His Hair

I love that Gavin Creel is working hard to fight for the right to marry me!

The latest episode (6) of his Broadway Impact series is up, with his Hair friends sending out proud messages for this week's Pride festivities and for Marriage Equality! (HAPPY PRIDE WEEK!)

I also FINALLY saw Hair on Broadway (after seeing it twice in the park last year). In fact, I saw it twice last week! It was just as AMAZING as I remembered it and I'll have a re-review soon but Cassie Levy, Sasha Allen and Gavin Creel are EXCELLENT additions and the transfer to a Broadway theatre only tightened the experience and may have actually improved on a production I thought was already nearly perfect. (My main concern from the park was Sheila but Cassie Levy fixed that here).

Oh Gavin Creel. LOVE YOU. (Looking adorable here with cutie petewtie Daniel Reichard (Jersey Boys), the awesome Heidi Blickenstaff, and stunning Sutton Foster at Sunday's Broadway Bares. May NSFW) Gavin kinda looks like a muppet doesn't he? And I say this as a lover of The Muppets. He has big googley eyes, beautiful flat lips and a square jaw. I just want to grab his hair and press our faces... er... sorry. TMI. But I love his hair no matter how it looks! (And doesn't it look soft like the fur on top of some of those monster muppets? Like it would sway and stay in place whichever way you sweep it? (I have chinese hair, my hair does NOTHING I tell it to))

Here's episode 5 pre-Tony Awards where Hair had yet to win Best Revival of a Musical. Gavin's in a tux! SO. DAMN. CUTE!

And here's Gavin being adorable in Episode 4 (and watch until the end)!:

And Gavin in his Hair Claude wig and posted the night before the Broadway Impact rally back in May (with Episode 1 included in the post):

And Gavin dancing adorably in Episode 2:

Anyways, make Marriage Equality happen!!! So that Gavin and I can marry! Or else, you know, I'm going to steal him away from you all on Broadway and marry him here in Toronto (and KEEP HIM HERE).

He's totally got LIFE! Here's Gavin singing "I Got Life" at Sirius Live Broadway:

Here's Gavin and the company of Hair singing "Where Do I Go?" at the pre-Tony concert:

At Defying Inequality concert singing "The Flesh Failures/Let the Sun Shine In". Still gives me chills:

And really cute interview with Gavin:

And outtakes from the interview including the question "why are you single?" (answer?: because he hasn't met me yet):

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RJ said...

Oh HELL NO! You must be crazy if you think you are marrying him. He is MINE. He has been my husband on my blog sidebar since the Tonys. I will fight you.

Vance said...

RJ, you know I love you. But BACK OFF BITCH! If you noticed from my other post links, I've already written about Gavin several times PRE-Tony's so dibs. Actually, I noticed some of your discoveries from the Tony's have already been well documented here so keep up sista' and slowly back away from the Creel. He's MINE.

RJ said...

You betta watch yo BACK!

Vance said...

Of course, in the spirit of Hair's peace and love, we COULD share him... (lol).

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