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The Bachelorette - I'm Watching For Nationalistic Reasons... Um, Yeah, That's It!?

The Bachelorette - Jillian Harris - Eps. 501-503

Canadian Globe and Mail TV critic John Doyle (who thinks Leah Miller is superior to Cat Deeley, so you have to take him with a grain of salt. No one is better than Cat Deeley) called Jillian a disgrace to the nation but I think that's a bit harsh. There would definitely be a few others I would put before her. All she did was kiss a man in a hot tub she had only met recently. Who HASN'T done that before?

And can you blame her for getting all hot and bothered now that she's being thrown 30 mostly hot men? Okay, there's Tanner P.ervert. (below with his arms around Michael. Yes, apparently these guys are after Jillian, supposedly. More on that in a sec.) with his creepy foot fetish which he isn't shy about.

Then there's Juan (on the right). He's the suave gentle Argentinian American. I'd swoon but he's 35 and single and way too normal. So what the heck is he doing on this show and what's wrong with him?

Especially considering psycho DavEyes (above right with Robert who seemed nice until he backed up DavEyes last night) wants to kill him (No really, he said it several times in front of the camera and to the camera. Does he realize this is being filmed for national television?). Seriously, I liked him at first when he seemed awkward and nerdlike but apparently that first night was just a front for the next psycho killer.

Maybe DavEyes is just mad that Juan is in the wrong competition. I laughed at what Idolatry star Kristen Baldwin had to say about Juan, since it was exactly what I had been thinking. Juan just seemed TOO attentive and... nice...

Anyways, Jillian's been kissing a LOT of the guys but I would too if I had these guys (here are my faves):

Reid, 30, Realtor, Philadelphia, PA
Probably my current favorite, and I think he'll go farther than we think he will, based on the editing around him (so far seems nice, not too much info on him but isn't totally ignored).

Mark, 26, Pizza Entrepreneur, Denver, CO

I still can't pick him out from the lineup of the guys on TV but when I DO realize it's him, I like him. But he's still in the competition. Even though we don't see a lot of him. Which could be good or bad. He's not an ass like DavEyes, creepy like Tanner P.ervert, or trying way too hard like Wes. So there's that at least. So what does Pizza Entrepreneur actually mean? He owns the pizza place? Or he makes the pizza? (Or. uh, delivers it?)

Kypton, 31, Business Developer Encinitas, CA

Jillian doesn't have an emotional connection with him. Mainly a physical one. Uh, YEAH! So would I. He'd be in 3rd place for me at this point.

Jake, 31, Commercial Pilot, Dallas, TX

Probably the front runner and if he didn't come off as totally perfect, I think he would still be in first place with me too. Seriously, he's TOO perfect. His date was perfect. He said the right things, his awkwardly timed kiss even came off perfectly. Plus did you see him in that cowboy gear sans shirt? Ola! I know they did the Brokeback joke in a subsequent episode with Michael and ... uh... one of the guys (cause I still can't really tell some of them apart), but please Brokeback me Jake!

There has GOT to be something wrong with him too right?

Meanwhile, just as I was beginning to like Sasha on his individual date/car race, Jillian goes and dumps him because he's never been in love. Uh, well, isn't that what he's here for? If he were already in love, he'd probably still be there (especially considering there are 2 or 3 guys that may have secret girlfriends at home? based on clips of upcoming eps?).

Meanwhile, the nice Brad and Tanner F. (not the pervert), who both seemed genuinely nice if not slightly shy, were sent packing. This Jillian about a 50/50 chance marrying a douchebag from the current roster of elligible bachelors.

I'm still a maybe on Jesse and Michael (I think only because he looks like one of my friend's hot husband). Still can't remember Ed or Mike. And wavering on Robby.

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