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So You Think You Can Dance - Losing Big In Vegas

So You Think You Can Dance - Auditions - Vegas Week Part 2 - The Top 20 Announcement - Ep. 505

Basically a whole hour of that final walk just to find out if the dancer made it through to the Top 20 or not. And yet here I sit riveted. And I don't even know who the 32 dancers ARE to whittle FROM.

Also on a side note, I'm joining LowResJoe, TwoP Lauren S, and ABChau to talk about SYTYCD every week. I'll start posting the conversations but this week, Joe started the post here where we discuss last night's Vegas auditions

But that's probably all moot now since... da da dum...Here is your SYTYCD Season 5 Top 20!:

Janette Manrara, 25, Miami, FL (Auditioned in Miami)

Vitolio Jeune

Kayla Radomski (Auditioned in Denver)

Kuponohi’ipoi “Pono” Aweau, 23, Kailua, Hawaii (Auditioned in Seattle)

Paris Torres, 19, Seattle, WA (Auditioned in Miami)

Janine Mason

Ade Obayomi

Karla Garcia

Jonathan Platero

Brandon Bryant (Auditioned in Denver)

Tony Bellisimo, 20, Buffalo, NY

Maksim Kapitannikov (Auditioned in New York)

Caitlin Kinney, 21, Annapolis, MD (Auditioned in Memphis)

Jason Glover

Melissa Sandvig

Ashley Valero

Randi Strong-Evans

Phillip Chbeeb

Asuka Kondoh, 25, Irvine, CA (Auditioned in Los Angeles)

So it's down to the two Kazprzak brothers for one final last guys spot. THAT'S JUST MEAN. THIS SUCKS.
And... as I guessed, the younger "prettier" one gets it. Which leaves Big brother Ryan out.

Evan Kasprzak, 21, West Bloomfield, MI (Auditioned in Memphis)

SYTYCD can now make it up to me by hiring Ryan as a choreographer.

Poor Dina who was paired with Asuka fighting for the last spot. She didn't make it, but when they got to announce it to the rest of the group, with Asuka's good news all as Dina's crying. Um. That was kinda AWKWARD.

So the main person that did NOT make it (other than the Kazprzak brother) is
Alex Wong (22, Miami, FL, Auditioned in Miami) who DOES NOT MAKE IT INTO THE TOP 20 only because he is still under contract with the Miami Ballet and the artistic director wouldn't let him go. That sucks. I mean, he has a great reputable job already, but SYTYCD makes you a dance star in the popular culture. I mean, you can be a star in ballet, but I'm guessing it's tougher.

Generally, it seems like a pretty great Top 20, which is too bad then since it's all been slightly dampened by my sadness for Ryan Kazprzak. I mean, YAY for Evan, but STILL. They BOTH were AWESOME. It would have been great to have brothers in the Top 20 together. It would have outweighed the drama they fabricated in this final cut.


So, Top 20 next week ALREADY!

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