Thursday, June 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 18 Again

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 18 Performance - Ep. 508
Judges: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Guest Judge: Lil C

This week proves... Hip-Hop and Ballroom can still be a killer and that it can still be anyone's game (although Melissa and Ade sure are working hard to win).

But enough with the chit chat, let's get right onto it:

Randi Evans &
Evan Kasprzak
Style: Jive
Choreographed by: Louis van Amstel
Song: "Shake A Tail Feather" - Ray Charles
Grade: B+

Is it me or does Randi look a lot like Kellie Pickler here?

It wasn't as clean as it could have been and some of the quick steps were out of sync and I think Evan could have been tighter with some of his moves (to match his tight little toochie... (oh did I just say that!?!) but when Evan is good, he's really entertaining and Randi, like her doppleganger Kellie, is quite the POP that works perfectly for this style.

Here's the video of Randi and Evan's Jive:

Melissa Sandvig &
Ade Obayomi
Style: Jazz
Choreographed by: Sonya Tayeh
Song: "24 Hours (The Ashton Shuffle-A-Bomb Remix)" -Terry Poison
Grade: A

We're still only just getting to know Ade and Melissa but I already feel like I'm not even watching THEM anymore. Let me explain.

At this point, I was really just watching Sonya's really cool choreography and not the dancers themselves because I sort accept already that Melissa and Ade are dancing it so well, and executing the choreography and the ideas so well, that it's more a judgement on the piece itself since we can assume they're just dancing it spectacularly. Know what I mean?

Here's the video of Melissa and Ade's Jazz:

Caitlin Kinney &
Jason Glover
Style: Hip-Hop
Choreographed by: Shane Sparks
Song: "Missin You" - Trey Songz
Grade: B

Shane Sparks!!! He wasn't just back for only the Group performance! Yippee!!!

Last week I thought Caitlin outdanced Jason by a smidge. This week I think Jason outdanced Caitlin by a smidge, but as Mary put it, one was Michael Jackson and one was Britney Spears, both good but very different.

I didn't think it was THAT bad and though it didn't feel as unified as it could have been, I enjoyed it still and though Jason was such a smooth operator while white girl Caitlin did a pretty good job.

Here's the video of Caitlin and Jason's Hip-Hop:

Janette Manrara &
Brandon Bryant
Style: Disco
Choreographed by: Doriana Sanchez
Song: "Loving Is Really My Game" - Brainstorm
Grade: A-

Okay, Brandon has nowhere near the arrogance Danny had but I still feel like he's not partnering well yet and either seems nervous, unsure about Janette or going "WTF are you doing in my spotlight and why are you one-upping me on this dancefloor?". Or maybe it's just me.

Because my eyes were always drawn straight to Janette (although I don't mean in the picture above since I just realized that's probably the one sentence I should not say right after that picture). She has this natural flair and the moves to back her up. Brandon is a strong dancer, but there was a couple of moments when he had to partner where he momentarily doesn't know what to do. But still, I'm being nitpicky here. He's nowhere near as bad as Danny was.

Here's the video of Janette and Brandon's Disco:

Asuka Kondoh &
Vitolio Jeune
Style: Waltz
Choreographed by: Louis van Amstel
Song: "Dreams Are More Precious" - Enya
Grade: B-

I think by shear intensity in their efforts, I thought Vitolio and Asuka made it look better than what some of their actual steps showed. Vitolio seemed technically awkward but between some of the tricks and the Enya score, I think he covered well.

Though yet again, I was more drawn to Asuka here.

Here's the video of Asuka and Vitolio's Waltz:

Kayla Radomski &
Maksim Kapitannikov
Style: Pop Jazz
Choreographed by: Brian Friedman
Song: "Hot Like Wow" - Nadia Oh
Grade: B

Brian Friedman is back! Is he going to wear his Flintstone sized necklaces again? Okay, I don't LOVE his choreography and I didn't love this one, but I can't wait for the ridiculous necklaces and open shirts.

However, did he have to dress his dancers like the way he would? Seriously, I couldn't take my eyes off the outfits, in a horrific accident kind-of-way. That was Not Like Wow. Seriously, I could barely watch the dancing because I was so horrified by the outfits. That being said, gotta give it to Max and Kayla for being troupers and enduing it all and doing a great job with what they could.

Here's the video of Kayla and Max's Pop Jazz:

Karla Garcia &
Jonathan Platero
Style: Contemporary
Choreographed by: Stacey Tookey
Song: "Falling Slowly" - The Frames
Grade: A

Stacey Tookey? Isn't she from SYTYCD Canada?!!!! WOOOOO!!!! DO us proud!!!

And she DOES!!! And so does Jonathan and Karla! Who redeems themselves and vindicates all my loving from last week despite their bottom 3 showing. I KNEW I saw something special in Karla and I'm glad she let that sparkle out. And YAY! Jonathan isn't just a pretty face!!!

Here's the video of Karla and Jonathan's Contemporary:

Jeanine Mason &
Phillip Chbeeb
Style: Tango
Choreographed by: Tony Meredith
Song: "Voliento (Up Mix)" - Bailango
Grade: B-

There were some great moments but there were also some nervous steps but as Mary said, they carried it off in attitude. The technique for both Philip and Jeanine wasn't all there and they looked like they were students trying hard at it, but students nonetheless. Still, for a pop-locker like Philip, it was still pretty good try and considering it is week 2, it was pretty darn good and in any other year, it would have been about the right level with the rest of the competition, but this year seems particularly high. Still love them though.

Here's the video of Jeanine and Philip's Tango:

Ashley Valerio &
Kupono Aweau
Style: Hip-Hop
Choreographed by: Shane Sparks
Song: "Imma Be" - The Black Eyed Peas
Grade: B-

I love how Kupono, much like Mark, adds an element of weirdness to his dancing. Like Mary, I didn't hate it and I didn't love it. I thought it was pretty good and they did a pretty great job but overall it was lacking something and I'm wondering if it needed to be harder and slightly dirtier? I keep thinking I'm going to dislike Ashley but I don't. Still, it could have been more together or something.

Here's the video of Ashley and Kupono's Hip-Hop:

The Final Roundup:

Best Couple of the Night: Karla and Jonathan's Contemporary
Second Best Couple of the Night: Melissa and Ade's Jazz
Third Best Couple of the Night: Janette and Brandon's Disco

Best Male of the Night: Jonathan Platero
Best Female of the Night: Melissa Sandvig

Well, Melissa and Ade have had 2 amazing performances in a row now. Jonathan and Karla totally redeemed themselves and shot from bottom of the list to near the top.

Worst of the Night: Philip and Jeanine or Asuka and Vitolio

Bottom Three Couples: Asuka and Vitolio, Caitlin and Jason, Kayla and Max (I think Kupono fans may save Ashley and Kupono, as will Philip fans save his team)
Going Home: Asuka and Vitolio

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Emily said...

I agree that Asuka and Vitolio and Caitlin and Jason will probably be in the bottom couples, but I picked Ashley and Kupono to join them instead of Kayla and Max. I really don't like Max (and that horrendous costume didn't help), but Kayla is a joy to watch dance. I think she may have more fans than Kupono. Or maybe I just don't get what all the Kupono fans see in him.

As for who goes home, I agree about Asuka, and possibly Vitolio. Although, he has the "emotional dance number" card working in his favor this week. The judges may not want to vote him off a day after they praised him for all he's accomplished despite being orphaned as a child. I personally wasn't as moved by that waltz as the judges were, and I don't think America was either. But that dance still may be enough to keep him around another week.

Vance said...

Between the two of us, we kinda got it right. Ha. Wow.