Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Get Burned Again! The Burn Notice Contest

Burn Notice returns again tomorrow, June 4th, just in time to heat up the summer with Season 3 on USA in its new timeslot at 9pm (8pm Central) on Thursdays!

One of my favorite series continues just where Season 2 left off, but in case you haven't watched them yet, I won't spoil it here, so catch up with the DVD's. Don't have them yet? Win them in a prize pack!

- All you have to do is figure out, without using the show Burn Notice, what the least degrees of separation is between John Mahoney (who was in the season 2 finale) and the show's star Jeffrey Donovan. Outline all the steps (using TV and Films and the actors in connection) and the person with the least amount of steps wins. Of course, in this age of imdb, I'll probably get a few similar ones or equal numbers. In that case, I will draw from all those who tie for the best solution. If you are using a TV show, the two actors connecting must have been in the same episode (so using an actor who started on a show after the other one left does not count, unless they crossed over).

- Email me at tapeworthycontest at gmail dot com with your solution.

- Contest closes at 11:59pm PST on Thursday June 18th 2009. So you'll have plenty of time to figure it out.

- Please subject the email: BURN NOTICE CONTEST and please include your name, email and City and State or Province,

- Contest is open to residents of Canada and the USA.

- Only one winner will be chosen.
I will ask for further details if you are the winner. Only the one winner will be contacted.

The deets:
Burn Notice is back at an all new time, 9pm/8c! Season 3 picks up right where season 2 left off with Michael swimming in the Atlantic. Michael emerges from the water free from interference by the organization that burned him. He's not under their protection, either, and is under investigation by the police. He gets out of prison with help from his old friend, who has a job for him: extraditing a thug who's displacing landowners in a Latin American country. Join fans on the official site www.burnnotice.usanetwork.com and on Facebook www.facebook.com/BurnNotice .

Enter To Win A Burn Notice Tote Bag filled with:

-Burn Notice Season 1 DVD
-Burn Notice Season 2 DVD
-Burn Notice Frisbee
-Burn Notice Suntan Lotion Pack
-Burn Notice t-shirt
-Burn Notice Novel
Value is $125 courtesy of USA Network

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com

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