Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Veronica Mars - Tapesworthy

Debasement Tapes

How much do I love Paul Rudd? He has the chops and the looks to be a bigger star than he is, but he always chooses interesting movies (read: side characters in wacky and silly movies like 40 Year Old Virgin or Anchorman, or indies: like P.S. or The Shape of Things), still does theatre (seen him already in Three Days of Rain (above) and Long Days Journey Into Night), and is still willing to guest star on TV shows, both huge (Friends), wacky (Reno 911), and beloved, like this episode of Veronica Mars.

Paul Rudd guests as has-been rocker Desmond Fellows, one half of a half dead cult hit pop band from the 90's who comes to Neptune to throw a benefit concert to save the college radio station. Piz plays escort and the mystery is set when the stuff out of Desmond's bag goes missing. But that's all besides the point. This episode was really to bring back all our favorite regular guest stars, from Ken Marino's Vinnie Van Lowe, to Max Greenfield (who just got knocked over on Ugly Betty) as Deputy Leo. Jeff Ratner (David Magidoff) is back, as is lovelorned Max (Adam Rose), who makes a connection with Mac when they work together to help Logan with his school project. Love Max. Love that Max and Mac make a nerd connection and that Logan calls it out.

I mean, true, it's probably easier just to hire the same actors over again every once in a while instead of finding new people but I love that Veronica Mars employs re-occurring characters so well, just as people would filter in and out of someones life in the real world. I was also worried about these one-off episodes with no overarching mysteries but so far so good. I can deal. In fact, with no huge mystery to solve, it seems to allow our favorites like Mac, Wallace, Piz (Chris Lowell, who is still infinitely more likable here than his baywatch role on Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice) and Logan to have a bit more screen time (though where's Weevil?) and we get a bit more plot evolvement with Veronica and Keith (especially now that Vinnie helped save the day, only to use the new found glory to run for Sheriff against Keith).

Now, I agree with Spill though that as much as I DO love Mac, Wallace, Logan and gang, it might just be the right time to move on, before it gets into tedious territory (uh. I'm not talking about you Gilmore Girls. Not specifically at least...more on that in the next post), but this FBI option for next season, which apparently has been taken well with Dawn Ostroff (whatev, she killed Everwood and is dead to me) still excites me as I'll take Veronica Mars any way I can.

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