Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - Dollerama Daze, God's Ways And Again, More Crying

Ah, dollar stores, memories of my college days in Montreal. I don't know if it's because Montreal actually has more dollar stores than anywhere else in the world (because it sure felt like it) or that I was a poor student so they were essentially our department stores, but good times good times! But more on that later. In the meantime on Big Brother, we need to go back to post-nomination time when Kail is assured by Dustin that she's not the final target (even though she kind of is, at least 1 of 4 that he want's out), and Jen is crying about her nomination. Was there always this much crying on previous seasons? Or does Amber make up for the previous 7 seasons alone? With Danielle, Jen and Dustin (love ya but I sort of laughed when you started bawling the other day) topping over the tear meter?

Danielle, Jameka, and Jessica are chosen along side Dustin, Jen and Kail to play in the POV. Eric becomes the host again. Hmm... does the rest of the house notice anything about that? Don't they see these "quiet" players are becoming a foursome (Eric, Jam, Jess, Dust) to reckon with and who hold the real power?

Jameka promised Jen that she would play for her if her name was pulled, and she will hold her word, which pisses off Evil Dick of course cause it doesn't go his way. God comes into the picture but personally, I think he has better things to do. Like saving Lindsay Lohan.

It's an art related Veto competition to basically recognize puzzle art that are Big Brother slogans to win money. The most money at the end wins. Except you can also spend your money for prizes. Dustin becomes the first person to buy the trip to Barbados, looking all adorable in that beret (I'd do that for a dollar! See above). Who knew someone can look good in a beret? The rest of the gang is appalled but Dustin takes the lead again, then spends his money again to win $5k (see above, contemplation over what to splurge on), again, pissing off the rest of the household, and especially a crying Amber (which in itself is a redundant adjective). This leaves Jameka to win POV, who now regrets promising God to fight for Jen.

Amber is not liking selfish and greedy Dustin. She cries about it. (Roll my eyes). Dustin is sorry about it, about being caught up in the moment, meanwhile the rest of the house quickly turns against Dustin. Um. Gay man. Free money for Prada shoes. Hello? Was that even a surprise? I give Dustin credit for not pouncing on it even faster. Dick is furious, again, no surprise. It's all getting repetitively funny isn't it?

Danielle whines, Amber cries, Dick gets angry, Kail denies, Eric mugs, Nick shows his pecs, Jameka shrugs, Zack is creepy, Jessica is barely shown, Amber is still weepy, and Dustin continues to win my heart.

So Eric has to convince at least 3 people to say "I'd do that for a dollar" 5 days in a row, and it's so cute when he tries, and starts succeeding. He get's Dick into the mission so I'm sure we will see more of that later this week. Again, Jameka gives Eric that EYE after he says it at the oddest time, which despite her God-love, is why I still love Jameka. Eric meanwhile continues being adorable and hasn't gotten into our earlier fears as a truly annoying guy. His eyebrows could be less dramatic in it's movements but I guess that's part of his charm. Now let's see more of this Eric and Jessica interaction they've been hinting at.

Dustin, Evil Dick, Danielle, Jameka, Eric, Jessica and Amber discuss the options for Jen's replacement since Jameka will not go against her word against Jen or God (I'd do that for a dollar! Okay. I wouldn't, wait. am I at double negative or triple? I'm Jen confused now), and Nick's name comes up. NOOOOOOOO Didn't you hear what ModFab had to say last week? What happened to creepy Zach? But the house wants stronger Nick out while they can still get him. Well, I guess I wasn't buying that facial hair which I find ugly but STILL. So Jameka takes Jen off the block and Dustin puts a dazed Nick on. Danielle cries, and Dustin calls out the bitches to cut the ties (well, in the diary room at least). You say it! Still, this is three weeks in a row now that the Veto has been used, hasn't it? Finally some action for the great power of Veto! Next project. ME!

So, who shall Eric vote for? Nick or Kail? Seems like the house is moving towards a Nick vote-out but we know who America will vote for (or at least, I hope). So don't forget to read on to see what happens Thursday at ModFab and Sunday with QTA.


rural juror said...

I hope Nick leaves....ugh. Sweet chicken...him and Daniele are getting on my last nerves!

That picture of Dustin is proof God wasn't speaking to Jameka, he was blessing Dustin while that picture was taken.

Seriously, I want more Eric/Jessica stuff.

rural juror said...

and you can see Dustin's ass in that pic if you look closely.

vance said...

Oh my! I didn't realise I put up porn. (hehe).

qta said...

Oh My Go Amber is starting to make me nuts! I am starting to see Rural Juror's take on Jessica... and am liking her more and more.

Dustin, dustin, dustin... tsk, tsk, tsk.

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