Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - The Dancing Dozen

Top 12 Performance

It's Wednesday already! Yesterday was veto day already, now SYTYCD again! Woot woot!

The Judges are: Nigel Lythgoe (What's with the mullet cut?), Mary Murphy and Wade Robson (WAIT. That means we don’t get a dance from him?)

WAIT. Did Nigel just mention the Live Tour? WHEN'S THE LIVE TOUR ON SALE??? ACK... I CAN'T WAIT ALREADY!!!

First up, one of my favorite three couples,

Sabra Johnson and Dominic Sandoval - Jive - choreographed by Tony Meredith (and Bette Midler lookalike Melanie is back assisting)- "I Do The Jerk " - Ryan Shaw

Here is the video clip of Sabra and Dominic’s Jive routine:

Dominic and Sabra Week 5
Um. OMG Sabra wasn't kidding that D-trix drops her a lot. That throw where she was flung to the floor? OUCH.
So I usually expect Sabra to be good, and I actually think Dominic was always good. I was never wowed only because I believed in him from the first performance week. I was worried this week though about D-trix especially, but I needn't be. While Sabra and Dominic weren't as together as they could be (or as last week where they were basically molded into one person doing that sleek Hip Hop routine), it was still pretty fun and impressive and Dominic looked fantastic doing the Jive and Sabra is still my favorite little pixie.

Jaimie Goodwin and Hok Konishi - Broadway - choreographed by Tyce DiOrio (with assistance from Travis Wall!) - "Mr. Bojangles" - Fosse (original Broadway cast)

Here is the video clip of Jaimie and Hok’s Broadway routine:

Hok and Jaimie Week 5
Well, that was not my favourite choreography danced to a classic song that I've never really liked (in a musical review that I found was WAY overrated) but I thought they danced it quite beautifully, especially Jaimie, who I keep forgetting is actually really good. Wade seemed to have a good point though, that Hok's characterization didn't seem right and I felt slightly bored in the middle and I usually found myself watching Jaimie again.

Sara Von Gillern and Pasha Kovalev - Jazz - choreographed by Mandy Moore - "Body Language" - Queen

Here is the video clip of Sara and Pasha’s Jazz routine:

Pasha and Sara Week 5
Well, once I got over the costumes, ahem... I got into the groove of the retro look and Pasha and Sara were so sleek and limber. They turned a simple looking routine by punctuating small details that accented what Jazz (and jazz hands (although I keep seeing the dude from Bring It On! when you say "Jazz Hands")) is all about.

Lauren Gottlieb and Neil Haskell - Contemporary - choreographed by Mia Michaels - "Let The Drummer Kick" - Citizen Cope

Here is the video clip of Lauren and Neil’s Contemporary routine:

Neil and Lauren Week 5
I like this pairing and always felt Neil had more than meets the eye, but I do have to say that they are lucking out with choreographers just when they were thought to be in danger. Talk about timing. First Wade last week, now Mia. Basically the two best choreographers on this show.
For a Mia Michaels choreography, it was a bit more hip hop than her usual style but still fascinatingly done. Again, there were some off parts but there were more than enough cool things that Neil and Lauren pulled off that I still enjoyed the routine and Neil is totally shinning (like I knew he could).

Anya Garnis and Danny Tidwell - Foxtrot - choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux - "It Had To Be You" - Brian Evans

Here is the video clip of Anya and Danny’s Foxtrot routine:

Anya and Danny Week 5
Okay. Not sure how much I like Danny still but I really liked that. It was surprisingly great and while I'm not sure it makes up for weeks of technically great but soulless performances, it probably just saved these two at the right moment. See Danny, all you had to do was SMILE!

Lacey Schwimmer and Kameron Bink - Hip Hop - choreographed by Dan Karaty - "Here I Come" - Fergie

Here is the video clip of Lacey and Kameron’s Hip Hop routine:

Kameron and Lacey Week 5
I kinda feel dirty after seeing Lacey like that. The judges were getting nitpicky, especially on Kameron's performance. Wade had some interesting points, and the difference between his commentary and Screaming Mary's just showed that making Mary permanent might not have been the best idea. She's entertaining, but definitely the Paula of the group. While I could understand and agree with what Wade said, I still kinda liked the performance, and I actually like Kameron's heavy style. It's actually what I like BEST about him. It's kind of hunky dancing. You can take hunky in any sense of the word. It's manly, like watching an Australian rugby player knowing how to move to the beat but with a sense of style. Know what I mean? I'm probably not explaining this very well.

Wrap Up

Best Pairing of the Night - : Anya and Danny finally. Though Dominic and Sabra, yet again, come close.

Worst of the Night - Jaimie and Hok but this is another close one.

Mainly it was a pretty even night I thought. Everyone was good, but no pair really stood out this week unlike other weeks. The usually great dancers were good, the good were great. Each dance has some faults, each one had amazing moments. I think a lot of the results tomorrow are going to be based on the previous weeks more than ever as I predicted over the last 2 weeks that it would.

So who do I want to make it to next week's Top 10? The 10 that will make it onto the live tour? This is a hard call. I have about 7 in mind for SURE (in BOLD). The other 3 slots are slightly debatable.

Here are my Favourite boys overall, up to this point in the competition in order from Favourite to Least:

but the first two and the last two are so close that I change their spots hourly. Yes, at this point we can all agree that Danny is technically the best dancer, and Hok has some limited abilities. I'd still rather see Hok on the tour more than Danny, who needs to learn from step-brother Travis how to be the best and still appear humble and lovable. Still, Danny is such a good dancer that I would like to see him paired with someone else to see if we can get some personality to appear from under that toned body (seriously, DESIGNER SUNGLASSES WAS ALL HE COULD COME UP WITH LAST WEEK??? How BORING can someone BE?). At least he learned to smile this week. There's hope yet.

My Favourite girls overall, up to this point in the competition (again, from Favourite to Least):

only with the girls, I would group the first three, and the last three. I keep changing the places, also placing Sabra and Sara in first and changing it hourly, and I keep changing my mind on who I want to go between Jaimie, Anya and Lauren. All are great in their own way, all have weaknesses. Anya lacks SOMETHING like Danny though not as bad as Danny, and maybe her partnership with him has been a detriment to her. Lauren has sucked in the solos and while she shined over Neil at first, I think Neil is overtaking the spotlight in that partnership now. Jaimie doesn't stand out when you think about all the girls as a whole and I always kind of forget about her until I see her perform again. She doesn't produce as memorable performances (accomplished as they are) compared to Lacey, Sabra or Sarah who stick out in my mind during the rest of the week.

So who do I think are going to go tomorrow? Probably Hok and Lauren, though I have this weird feeling that Lauren and Neil might be safe, thus endangering higher ranking girls (from my list) and Jaimie might be gone (based on the fact that I think Danny and Anya might finally actually be safe this week). I really don't know who is going to be bottom three though. It could be anybody tomorrow. This is going to be CLOSE. Let's hope not as shocking as the last 2 weeks though (Shauna still should have been here).

So what does everybody else think? My favourites list totally crazy? Am I blinded by the hotness of some of the dancers?

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StinkyLulu said...

Thanks for your detailed summary. This is the first season I'm REALLY tracking this show, and I'm totally hooked.

I only really like one guy: Dominic. All the other guys are fine, with Danny just being way talented but almost toxic.

As for the girls, I have same top three, with my preference rearranging each episode: Sabra, Lacey & Sara. And I really don't like the other three at all.

jeremy said...

Sabra's still my fave and Dominic just slipped a ton for me. His partnering that time around left a lot to be desired. She had to physically push him out of the way at one point--and in another her hand was held out for nearly 2 counts before he grabbed it. Sick.
And Wade Robson, really? I hate his stuff because it always looks so Wade Robson-y. Like a Britney Spears video. Just like Shane Sparks' stuff will always use that head/chest/hip/knees isolation thing.
Anyway, this weekend was weak all around.
Looks like the New York Times was right w/ their assessment of Danny. Or, as I shall call him from here on out, Ralph.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the summary

Loved Dominic /D-trix - he's the only male dancer that my eyes get drawn too.

Lots of good female dancers tho - next couple of weeks are gonna be interesting!