Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - Jealous Little Bitch. Wait, Which One?

It's the Tuesday Big Brother again (already?) after QTA reported Jen "winning" HOH (totally ridiculous) last Thursday and on Sunday, ModFab reported Jen nominating Dick and Danielle, mainly cause Dick doesn't hide his dislike for Jen and Danielle is in the way between Jen and Nick (below, in happier fake camera smiling times, then again, better than Amber's crying. Does that girl not STOP with the waterworks?).

Nick tells Danielle right away about his alliance with Kail, Mike and Zach because he cares more about her than them. Aww. Now shave your face clean, the boy 'stach just looks Federline dirty, not manly. Danielle spills the beans that she really is 20. Why this was such a big deal to her before, I will never know. Is it a drinking thing?

The Veto is up for grabs (OMG, Amber is crying AGAIN because she has to play? Can I throw a bag of salt on her eyes?) and alas! Some minor excitement this week when Danielle (above, finally caught eating!) actually wins the damn thing, taking herself off the block (after some mafioso style threats from Jen). Jen is forced to go back and forth deciding who to put up with everyone putting forth their opinions, and it comes down between Nick (wow, she IS a vengeful jealous little bitch) or Joe (a vengeful jealous little bitch himself). I would explain the Christmas themed curling veto competition but I wasn't really paying attention cause I was just staring at host Dustin the whole time. hehe... I kinda looked like the way confused Jen looked after Dustin's explanation of the game.

In America's Choice, America has a sadistic little mind and voted for America's Player Eric to get into bed with Joe, but since Jessica was already there, Eric does a half ass job "sleepwalking" into Joe's bed, then denies it the next day when Joe asks him about it (warning, link has more Eric and his "colourful language", maybe it's cause someone keeps tugging on his nipple piercings?). Big Brother fails Eric on the task.

Not much from Jameka again. Love you and way to play it cool and under the radar but we want more! As much as I'm hating Joe (more in the spoiler section), I will give him points for saying "I'm sick of people being rewarded for stupidity in this country." when Jen won HOH. How true that is Joe, how true that is. Though do you get full points when you somewhat fall into that category yourself? (Again, see link below in spoilers).

So in the end, Jen puts Joe up for elimination along with Dick, thus keeping Nick safe and available for our viewing eyes. Click here to choose who Eric should vote out.

SPOILER ALERT: A few more tidbits and spoilers quoted/lovingly taken from Jackie and her site The (TV) Show Must Go On (my commentary, as always, in red)

1. Nick said he's kissed guys before. (Slowly emerging from that closet, eh?) Well, first base after admitting third base is usually unusual, no?

2. Joe was Dustin's first boyfriend. Ah... that explains why someone as fantastic as Dustin stuck by Joe for so long. Seriously, what did Dustin see in Joe? Although Joe begged him, Dustin told him that he would not be voting for him to stay. That made Joe go on an anti-Dustin tantrum complete with namecalling and flame coming out of his ears. (Okay, I (Jackie) made the last part up. But he was mad.)

Here's more coverage of a 40 minute "discussion" between Joe and Dustin. Poor poor Dustin, I love him even more after seeing that. It's definitely OVER. Thank goodness. Now my baby Dustin can come to me.

3. Still a ton of anti-Zach talk going on from about everyone. About the only one who hasn't been in on the movement is Mike...Zach was so disliked by the houseguests. It's because he's sneaky, but not sneaky enough to not get caught. He plays people like a smarmy politician and they see through him. Since Jen won HOH, he's only become more obnoxious in his behavior.

4. [When] Nick told Daniele about the Mrs. Robinson alliance. He thinks Kail, Mike or Zach need to be put on the block next week to break up the alliance. He [Nick] was very truthful in telling her [Danielle] all about it. (Heh, so much for that alliance, eh?). Mike and Zach came to the realization that others know about the Mrs. Robinson alliance. (Well, duh.) Mike thinks Nick is a mole, but trusts him more than he does Dick. He thinks if Dick wins HOH, he'll put him (Mike) up for eviction. Zach doesn't want Nick out.

5. The Strongman Competition was officially on.

I loved that Dustin (and Zach) made commentaries in the original the other day. Here's Dustin with Magnus Mike. Just cause.

Spoilers Done, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Come back Thursday to find out if Dick or Joe is eliminated from the Big Brother house with ModFab back reporting on the shenanigans and QTA goes back to the Sunday episodes when the new HOH will nominate two more victims (Jen and Kail I hope? Though starting to look like Zach and Jen are in trouble)! Personally, I'm kinda torn. I hate Joe and he is annoying, but he sure does stir the pot (always good in the Big Brother house especially on a slow day). I like Dick more and more but Dick doesn't really trust Dustin, so I worry. I want my beloved Dustin safe until the end. Dick's comment about Jen receiving a personality for the Veto Christmas gift was a highlight though and wins him more points in my eyes. Another highlight? Seeing Kail in the diary room looking miserable as Amber tried to explain why she was chosen to be handcuffed together for the day. Lucky her eh? Hilarious! But I'll finally leave you on Zach's quote as he discussed strategy with Nick: "I Want Dick too..."


rural juror said...

I would be SHOCKED if Joe didn't go home...it's looking overwhelmingly not good for him.

vance said...

I'm glad Jen didn't put up Nick even though it was a better move than Joe (when Joe is out, the other annoying person to go after... is Jen). Yeah, at this point, I'm already thinking about the NEXT nominations...

ModFab said...

I'm purposefully avoiding the live feeds at this point (don't want the TV episodes spoiled for me), but I gather that Joe's in serious trouble. Which makes it a really bad scene for Jen -- she's saved Evil Dick from exiting (which, against Nick, would have been easy for most people), and she's removed the only other irritating "lone player" in the game.

My guess is that Jen goes next week, regardless. And while that may seem uninteresting, what is means is that the houseguests have the next 9 days to formulate, solidify and decimate alliances. Which is the REALLY fun part!

vance said...

Oops. Sorry. hope the spoiler sections okay then. but yeah, I think the wheeling and dealing has finally begun into full force. YEY!

rural juror said...

Can I just say, Jessica is actually a lot of fun outside of CBS editing. Her and Eric have such a cute little thing going on.

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