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So You Think You Can Dance - We Have Our Top 10!

Top 12 Results - The Cut to The Final 10!!! - Week 5

So, it was a neutral night yesterday, especially coming after last week's fantastic Top 14 performance night. Still, I think our expectations have been raised so much from this outstanding group of dancers this year that we forget that by this point in previous seasons, we still only had a handful of extremely memorable WOW performances. They usually came during the Top 10. Plus, a LOT of it is coming down to choreography and none of them were really that brilliant last night. Good, but not brilliant.

Anyways, it's an important cut tonight since it determines our Top 10 AND the Top 10 that go on the live tour! Seriously, I'd better be able to get tickets.

The opening Top 12 Group Dance was choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" - Cami Thompson

Here is the video clip:

Opening Dance Week 5
Cute but not the great, hmm... that's sounding very familiar this week. Then again, last year, other than "Technologic", all the memorable group dances were from Top 10 and after. Still, didn't we see this already in Christina Aguilera's Candyman video (with Benji to boot!)?

So, the Bottom Three Pairs are:
Anya and Danny (whew, Sabra and Dominic are SAFE! And on the TOUR! WOO!)
Jaimie and Hok (Jaimie comes from the school of Wall's family of gazelles? That explains things a bit more. Oh thank GAWD. Pasha and Sarah are safe!)
Lauren and Neil (Oh thank goodness Kameron can't be kicked off and duh, Lacey is safe)

Some tap dancer dude Jason Samuel Smith taps for us. I regret not seeing Bring In 'Da Noise, Bring In 'Da Funk. Maybe. (Though Tap Dogs was far more entertaining than I thought it was going to be)

The Solos:
Anya solo dances to "Proud Mary" - Ike and Tina Turner

Anya Solo Week 5
Considering she's comes from a ballroom dancer, she does a half decent job with her solos, but considering Heidi was too, Heidi was much more inspiring.

Danny solo dances to "Never Felt This Way" - Brian McKnight

Danny Solo Week 5
Okay. Fine. We get it. You can jump REALLY high. I'm not even sure what a Gazelle is. (I have a mental image in my mind but I'm not sure if I have the exact species right). The guy needs to learn to smile some more.

Jaimie solo dances to "One Moment More" - Mindy Smith

Jaimie Solo Week 5
At times her top looked like it wasn't there. I thought this was a family show? Again, the school of Wall continues their excellency.

Hok solo dances to "Black Devil Car" - Jamiroquai

Hok Solo Week 5
Got to give it to this guy that he can MOVE and do some wicked tricks. I'm not sure how well he would do in the Top 10 but again, I kinda prefer him over Danny, at least when it comes to thinking who do I want to see on the tour.

Lauren solo dances to "Walk Away" - Christina Aguilera

Lauren Solo Week 5
Finally. A good solo from Lauren. Right when she really needed to fight for it. I mean, she was basically just throwing herself around the stage but I still went for it. I'm a sucker that way.

Neil solo dances to "Harder To Breathe" - Maroon 5

Neil Solo Week 5
My favorite male of these bottom boys (hehe) and while this solo wasn't as good as his last one, there's still enough tricks and jumps and spins that left me wanting more. He still needs to work on the in between bits (other than spreading your hands out like he just finished a magic trick) but it's getting (slightly) better.

Enrique Iglesias buys the judges some time to deliberate the hardest cut to date.

So, time to cut one girl, it was not unanimous. Jaimie is safe. Whew. And Anya is cut after Lauren finally "danced for her life". Sorry Tony, you won't be able to watch her boobies anymore (see Dan? I told you I know straight guys that watch this show).

It was a unanimous decision for the boys. Hok is cut right away. As I figured. Funny to cut Hok for diversity's sake. There's got to be some irony in there.

At least for the first time in 4 weeks, I'm not totally angry at the choices.

So there we have it! Our New SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Season 3 Top 10!

To think this is when it got REALLY good last year. Can't wait to see MORE!!! Can't wait to see the partners switch up to see who REALLY is good and who was using floated on their partners coattails. Though I'll be sad to see Pasha and Sara break up already after only 2 weeks together. They've been SO great together.

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