Thursday, July 26, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - Anti-Cutting The Bottom Two

Top 10 Results - The Cut to 8 - Week 6

The opening Top 10 Group Dance was choreographed by Mia Michaels to "The Moment I Said It" - Imogen Heap

Here is the video clip:

SYTYCD Opening Week 6
Oooh, another Mia Michaels dance to Imogen Heap! Not as good as the one last year, and it seemed like a bit of a showcase for Danny to help him catch up with audiences hearts (and dialing fingers), and the stupid camera work didn't really help to see the entire dance.

There was controversy over yesterdays anti-war routine (as well as Mia's wardrobe) and Nigel does his British explanation that is basically the same reasonable Canadian sounding explanation I keep hearing. Just because someone is anti-war, doesn't mean they are anti-patriotic or anti-troops. GAWD. Get over yourselves. And for the record, I am anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-stupid people, anti-Walmart, anti-China, anti-sugar substitute, and anti-tax cuts for the rich. Yes, I'm a socialist practically falling into commieville. Except I'm kind of anti-union too if that makes any sense. Ha! (I'm in TWO and both seem pretty useless to me at this point).

Speaking of which, I'm also anti-Mika even though I love the song he sings "Love Today" and his album Life in Cartoon Motion is pretty good. Mika performs the song to fill in time since the results have already been tabulated and we now have another 50 minutes to fill.

So, I forgot it's only the bottom 2 girls and bottom 2 boys that are announced. It's America's votes anyways so the solos are just for one reminder of why you didn't vote for them. The Bottom Four Dancers are:

Argh... I know. I think I was the only one at work and of my friends that still like Kameron and while I'm liking Danny more, he still has a lot of ground to gain with me. Okay fine. I want to sleep with Kameron so MAaaaaaybe my judgement is a little clouded but whatever. :P

The Solos:
Jaimie solo dances to "Your Ex-Lover's Dead" - Stars

Jaimie Results Solo Week 6
She seemed to have already given up, and that she already knew, because it wasn't as great as she normally is.

Lauren solo dances to "I Can Only Imagine" - MercyMe

Lauren Results Solo Week 6
I know many still don't love her but as I said last night, she has this franticness in her solo's yet she's also very strong at hitting the beats and is actually quite controlled. Yet, with that Tarzan Jane outfit, it felt a bit stripperish.

Dominic solo dances to "It's Only Just Begun" - Jimmy Castor Bunch

Dominic Results Solo Week 6
Holy camoly, that last head spin that seemed to last for ages was incredible. That doesn't damage the brain in any way? Holy camoly. That was just SICK!

Kameron solo dances to "Oh Timbaland" - Timbaland

Kameron Results Solo Week 6
Oh baby cheeks, I guess we won't be seeing you anymore. He looked frazzled and knew he was going home already.

And the lowest votes kicks out Jaimie and Kameron. Oh well, see you on the tour!

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Anonymous said...

Dude... Kameron was dead weight.

Vance said...

He wasn't THAT bad. but yeh yeh, the others are better (hands in ear la la la )...