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So You Think You Can Dance - Movers And Shakers, This Is The Top Ten!

Top 10 Performance - Week 6

The Judges are: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Mia Michaels (WAIT. That means we don’t get a dance from her? Wait. Didn’t I scream this last week about Wade too?)

It's new pairings tonight and individual votes and America's votes ALONE will determine the dancers (one male, one female) that get cut. Everyone will perform as a pair and then their own solo. In an interesting experiment this week, everyone does the same solo choreographed by Wade Robson about the war, being anti-war, each are given a word to work with, each must scream in the middle, all to the same song, John Mayer's "Waiting for the World to Change". Wait, didn't I just talk about John Mayer? At least I like this song enough to hear it 10 times over, sorry to those who don't. It'll be interesting to see everyone do the same dance, giving us a good chance to compare all the dancers (though it DOES give a slight advantage to those originating in Wade's style, though I guess at this point, the dancers better be good at everything).

Lauren Gottlieb and Pasha Kovalev - Hip Hop - choreographed by Shane Sparks - "Fuego " - Pitbull

Here is the video clip of Lauren and Pasha’s Hip Hop routine:

Lauren and Pasha Week 6
I was ready to hate on Lauren and though Pasha is currently my favorite male at this point, I sort of expected him to finally fail. No hating here! No failure there! I mean, Pasha isn't the best hip hopper that's been on this show, but that was still so much fun, and they hit those beats together so well that it makes me almost forget about Pasha and Sara together. (Almost). The transformers moves was so cool and these two are definitely keepers. Great. Now which female am I going to hate on?

The solos are interspersed throughout the show, but in another interesting move, they will all be judged together at the end of the night. Jaimie is the first to go:
Jaimie - Solo - Honesty

Jaimie Solo Week 6
Technically, Jaimie is amazing, but as the judges will later say, there's something that seems lacking in her emotions. I mean, when we've heard her speak, she seems a little bubble headed, and her face sort of reflects that in her dancing. Like nothing is really going on up there but her body takes over with those amazing and technically proficient moves.

Dominic - Solo - Love

Dominic Solo Week 6
The judges thought Dominic was a little tight, even though he seemed to be really emotional in his dance. At first I would bring it up to the fact that he IS dancing about WAR. Wouldn't that make everyone uptight? Then I just noticed he was dancing about Love. (Again, I'm sure some people could say. Wouldn't that make everyone uptight? haha) Could have been looser, but he still impresses me.

Sabra Johnson and Kameron Bink - Contemporary - choreographed by Tyce DiOrio - "Amazing Grace" - Crystal Lewis

Here is the video clip of Sabra and Kameron’s Contemporary routine:

Kameron and Sabra Week 6
I still like Kameron's heavyness, but I totally was watching Sabra in this routine and I thought Kameron was good but not fantastic. Sabra is simply mesmerizing week after week and this week is no different.

Sara - Solo - Hope

Sara Solo Week 6
LOVE HER! LOVE HER! (Picture me singing this bravato style). It was deep and emotional and she just dances way beyond her b-girl original style. LOVE HER! (It's quite the battle between my love for Sabra and Sara right now).

Pasha - Solo - Communication

Pasha Solo Week 6
My favorite male. Not my favorite solo but not as bad as the judges would later hate on. Yes, his facial expressions seemed like he was about to perform some Chekhov but most of the dance moves were still pretty great, thought there were some loose threads happening in his stylings.

Lacey Schwimmer and Danny Tidwell - Samba - choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin (with Heidi) - "Hip Hip Chin Chin" - Club Des Belugas

Here is the video clip of Lacey and Danny’s Samba routine:

Lacey and Danny Week 6
Is it me or does this new pairing seem somewhat unbalanced from the rest? Oh sure, put the two best technical dancers together. Or is it the relatives of last years top 2? Still, it was a great performance again, but I found myself watching Lacey the entire time. She seems looser, in that good "Dancey" way. I mean DANCE. Not the other loose. Get your mind out of the gutter. She's Benji's sister. Ew.

Lauren - Solo - Patience

Lauren Solo Week 6
As frantic as it looked, it was amazingly controlled. You got to give it to her, she fought to stay in the top 10 and now she is killing it! Awesome.

Neil - Solo - Humility

Neil Solo Week 6
Like his former partner Lauren, he can do frantic, but with lots of control. however, maybe just slightly too much control as this felt a bit tight too, like Dominic's. Still, pretty impressive and he's seemingly less hollow.

Sabra - Solo - Unity

Sabra Solo Week 6
Hmm... now that I've seen Sabra, who seems controlled and yet loose, the entire thing seems more passionate somehow and thrilling. It's interesting that Wade throws in those cheesy moves mostly near the end where the dancers point to the time, draw the world, and hearts and finally end off in the peace sign, yet, by doing that, it almost makes it easier to see who avoid making it look pedantic. Anyways, just saying because I find I just rapture lovely whenever I talk about Sabra and it must get boring at this point. What bad can I say about her?

Kameron - Solo - Trust

Kameron Solo Week 6
... and THAT'S WHY I love Kameron and THAT'S WHY he was a former top male pick for me, and why he still remains out of my bottom spot, and THAT'S why I can't WAIT to see him live on the tour.

Jaimie Goodwin and Dominic Sandoval - Viennese Waltz - choreographed by Toni Redpath - "Man of La Mancha" - Linda Eder

Here is the video clip of Jaimie and Dominic’s Viennese Waltz routine:

Dominic and Jaimie Week 6
I found it was Dominic's worst week yet I still kept looking at him, while Jaimie is good but again, and she became sort of a prop for him. The whole costumes was kind of overkill and I guess the judges agree, that it was way over the top with no chemistry between the two of them. Let's hope Dominic was good not just because he was paired with Sabra before.

Lacey - Solo - Peace

Lacey Solo Week 6
You can't deny that this girl is good and no wonder she's never been voted into the bottom 3 (her and Kameron have been the only ones). I still think I preferred some other solos better but Lacey is always great. It's almost getting boring to say.

Danny - Solo - Understanding

Danny Solo Week 6
Too bad he didn't to this in the first couple of weeks, because that was amazing and he injected the most personal style into the routine. If this was a purely solo show without interviews (seriously. SUNGLASSES? I still laugh at that), he would win. Sadly, since this is still a partner show until the last week, I like the other four guys better. Still, that was the best male solo of the night, if not the best solo of the night.

Sara Von Gillern and Neil Haskell - Disco - choreographed by Doriana Sanchez - "Knock On Wood" - Rachel Stevens

Here is the video clip of Sara and Neil's Disco routine:

Sara and Neil Week 6
Wookie Love! Neil's kind of a dork isn't he? That makes him even cuter. Seriously FUN FUN FUN dance routine from fave Sara and from potential fave Neil who is finally starting to live up to my early call that he was this season's Ivan. Finally a Doriana Sanchez routine that was GREAT, though was it because it was Sara and Neil? Either way, my favourite pairing dance of the night.

Wrap Up

Best Pairing of the Night - : Sara and Neil with Lauren and Pasha in 2nd, Lacey and Danny and Sabra and Kameron fall into 3rd and 4th by default though I think part of the blame for Sabra and Kameron's routine was the song itself (or should I say, the version of "Amazing Grace"), but they only just graze under Lacey and Danny, which was mostly saved by Lacey and better choreography (which again, has nothing to do with the dancers decisions).

Worst of the Night - Jaimie and Dominic

Best Solo of the Night - Male - Danny
Best Solo of the Night - Female - Lauren

Best Dancer Overall - Male - Neil (surprised?)
Best Dancer Overall - Female - Sabra

So here is my new rankings of the dancers, which I'm still separating into male and female because I'm afraid of combining them because there are still too many amazing dancers to really choose (plus I still kind of think the girls are slightly stronger this year, though that just means some of the boys have had a bad night whereas a few of the girls have had none really so far) . Biggest movers being former partners Lauren and Neil.

Favourite Male - From Favourite to Least (last week's position)
1. Pasha (1)
2. Neil (4)
3. Kameron (3)
4. Dominic (2)
5. Danny (5)

Favourite Female - From Favourite to Least (last week's position)
1. Sara (3)
2. Sabra (2)
3. Lacey (1)
4. Lauren (6)
5. Jaimie (4)

Again, the race is so tight now, I can probably be swayed almost any way at this point. Anybody totally disagree? Agree? Anybody convince me of a different order to the lists?

Well, the good news though is that these ten will all be on the tour! (November 1st in Toronto!, ACK, No Bufalo date... hmm... maybe I can go to Detroit?)Man... who am I going to stalk? Er... I mean... chase after for autographs and pictures?

The bad news is we are going to lose someone. Jaimie and Danny are both technically great but I will probably miss the least, even after Danny did that amazing Solo tonight. These are also my predictions for tomorrow, with bottom 3 being hmm... Pasha, Kameron and Danny? and Jaimie, Lauren and Lacey? AHHH... SO DIFFICULT!

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Vance said...

It's somewhere in my Season 2 coverage. I'm pretty sure I put it in the Season 2 Faves recap post (the link should be above)

Vance said...

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I'm loving this season. <3 I can sing like the best of 'em but I've never danced, so this has become the only show on TV I watch... :P