Thursday, July 26, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta: From Now On, Please Evict The Ugly People First

You SAY IT ModFab! I'm laughing at the title of his post already!

On a side note, did anybody notice Evil Dick passing gas in the HOH bathroom (with door still open) as Eric continues droning on about strategy of voting out Kail, while Jameka reacts disgustingly to Evil's breaking wind (with full-on sound effects)? The aerosol spray was a nice touch. Classy.

Here's an excerpt (after the jump) of tonight's happenings in the Big Brother house (which also had the live eviction and HOH challenge).

"Think you know what happened last night on Big Brother? I thought I knew what was going down, but boy, did I miss it. Because being trapped in that house must do some kind of crazy mojo on people's brains, convincing them that the really stupid idea is actually the best one. Read on, and I'll explain." Continue reading at ModFab where you can see this photo and more...

Don't forget to read QTA's thoughts on Sunday's nominations.

In the meantime, who didn't love Dustin's T-shirt "Define Girlfriend"? Who didn't love Mike's shocked face as the Chenbot interviewed him upon exit? Who didn't love Nick's new mafioso look? Actually, I didn't.

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