Thursday, July 12, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - JENetic Experiment

It's the first elimination of the summer in the Big Brother house and QTA is filling in for ModFab this week on the Big Brother Thursday report.

Go find out from trouper QTA as to who got kicked out, who won HOH (it's like some karmic joke on the household), and what's been happening in the house over the past few days (nothing really actually. What did I say of burning through the drama?) And has Carol and Jessica gotten over the $5 from GRADE SCHOOL?

Here's an excerpt from QTA's Big Brother Recap:

"Lesson #4: JAMEKA IS EVERYTHING! QTA (and Vance) loves you so much that I pulled this lesson from the After Dark episodes. While Jameka was putting her hair up in pin-curls... Dustin (he of the hairy chest) comes in and they start chatting about waxing... you know... how girls do. Well, since this conversation could go nowhere but down anyway, Dustin reveals that he gets his ASS WAXED via the Brazilian method... cause he just doesn't like having hair on his ass.

Jameka just keeps on doing her hair and carries on like this was totally the most natural conversation to have. You see, Dustin can handle having a hairy chest, and for that, we are very pleased. But, evidently, a hairy ass is just too much."

Tune into ModFab for Sunday's episode where we will find out who the nitwit HOH nominates, and me on Tuesday. This will be an interesting week. I see a lot of crying and confusion. Mostly by one person. Possibly the American viewing audience as well.

BTW, for the America's Player question, I'm voting Kail and Jessica.

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